Simon Cooper, M.C.S.P. S.R.P. A.A.C.P

Simon enjoyed a workshop with Julie in Nottingham, he then decided to try the HIVAMAT® 200 and was impressed with the results he achieved and how well the therapy combined with his other electrical modalities...

"Working as a private practitioner within a sporting environment, I am dealing mainly with sports injuries. A colleague gave me a brochure on Hivamat Deep Oscillation Therapy. I was very skeptical at first but decided to attend a workshop with PhysioPod. I purchased a unit on a month's trial and within three weeks I was delighted with the results and the positive feedback through my patients. As the therapy can be combined easily with other electrotherapy modalities and treatments I regularly incorporate it and have found it beneficial in reducing inflammation, muscle spasm, pain, and increasing the healing time of muscle strains. As all manual therapists are aware our hands are the tools of our trade, with many of us suffering repetitive strain, this therapy greatly reduces this by enhancing hands-on treatments to depths of 8 > 12 cm with light touch through a unique gloved application or a hand held applicator. I was informed that when treating with gloved application that my hands would also receive treatment because I am directly connected to the Hivamat unit.   I'm very pleased to report that after only approximately four weeks of using the Hivamat I noticed that my hands had improved, feeling less discomfort and pain"

Simon Cooper M.C.S.P. S.R.P. A.A.C.P.