2023 International Womens Day and World Lymphoedema Day - Thank You's to Ladies in the Lymphoedema Community

PhysioPod UK and LWO Community decided in 2022 that would it be a lovely thing to ask for tributes to ladies in the Lymphoedema world making a difference to share in the second part of our Joint 2023 Campaign. Click the link below the picture to watch the video. Thank you to all those who took the time to write in.


Andrea Baxter https://vimeo.com/803842954



Yolande Borthwick https://vimeo.com/801260664



Natalia Duarte Donoghue https://vimeo.com/804297295



Sue Hansard https://vimeo.com/805211862



Denise Hardy https://vimeo.com/800807428


Pernille Henriksen https://vimeo.com/805622813



Branka Ilic https://vimeo.com/801158095



Lynora Kennedy https://vimeo.com/801241892



Gemma Levine https://vimeo.com/805563745



Lara MacDonald https://vimeo.com/804614009



Susan Oliver https://vimeo.com/804330621



Natalie Philips https://vimeo.com/801175490


Tina Portman https://vimeo.com/805217856


Christine Talbot https://vimeo.com/800955920


Dr Jacqueline Todd https://vimeo.com/803805607


Christine Wise https://vimeo.com/800851235