LWO Community - Additional Poll on SLD 2023

With thanks to Gaynor Leech, Lymphoedema Patient Advocate and Founder of LWO Community for carrying out this poll with community members.

Gaynor wrote, "In the SLD Survey, Therapists were asked, as part of their training "where they taught SLD and did they pass this on to their patients; the answer was 100% yes"

  • However, the patients who responded were asked whether their therapist taught them SLD?  78% Yes and 22% No.
  • Patients were asked how often do you carry out SLD? 51% responded 'daily'.
  • Most patients felt that their therapist did listen to them.
We decided to carry out an additional poll.



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LWO Community Member Engagement

This question was asked on a poll on the LWO Community Support Group


On diagnosis of Lymphoedema were you taught simple lymphatic training by a healthcare professional?


  • Yes, 44%
  • No, 40%
  • Self-taught 5%
  • Left to fend for themselves 10%
  • Only when transferred to private provider funded by NHS 1%


Simple Lymphatic Drainage - more information on our web page or use the quick QR code for quick access

Designed by Gaynor Leech, 2023


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