Aesthetic Surgery Pre/Post

DEEP OSCILLATION® can be applied from the first day post operative which means patients can rehabilitate in a far quicker timescale than has previously been possible. Bruising, swelling and pain reduce as the daily treatment works on shuffling and transporting the excess inflammatory matter (in evidence after surgery) to the lymph system for removal. Once the area is drained, it is able to regenerate

Enhanced Recovery from Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery with

DEEP OSCILLATION® Electrostatic Lymph Drainage




Post plastic surgery and liposuction

Deep oscillation therapy has proven effects in post (plastic) surgery and liposuction interventions. It reduces pain and oedema, improves mobility and promotes wound healing among other effects. It has been used in this field around the globe for many years, e.g. after mastectomy or breast reconstruction. 

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Plastic surgery aftercare

Many Consultants refer patients to Sossi Yerissian after reconstuction work has taken place, here she talks about how she has been able to reduce her normal treatment protocols following plastic surgery with the addition of DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy...

"I have been treating post plastic surgery cases since 1994, giving me 15 years of experience in this area. Lymphatic drainage is a very gentle, repetitive and soothing form of massage. It is the most sought after treatment following plastic surgery. It helps to reduce the swelling and inflammation hence the bruising of the tissue and speeds up the healing of stitches. The pain and discomfort is reduced with after the first treatment. MLD therapy is very well known all over the world and hence I have referrals from many different countries. For example: for leg, abdomen and buttock sculpting it takes approximately 12 treatments to reduce the tissue to the normal size and eliminate swelling. For breast augmentation or eye surgery 8 treatments are required and 10 treatments for face-lifts. Since the beginning of 2007 I was introduced to Deep Oscillation therapy. Since then, I have been using the machine on all plastic surgery clients. The result is brilliant; all my clients have found the light vibrating movement of the device very calming and soothing and the second most important aspect is that it requires fewer sessions to achieve a good result. For example, the Hivamat treatment for body sculpting is 8 sessions. For breast and eye surgery is 4 sessions, for a complete face-lift it is 6 sessions. Deep Oscillation has helped achieve great results over a shorter period of time with fewer visits and at a lower cost for clients.

Sossi has also work with all kinds of post oncological surgery and orthapedic surgery with very effective results. read conclusion of study following conservation surgery for breast cancer

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Georgios Tzenichristos ECNP, MRNT, MIPTI. ITEC, Cellulite Reduction Expert provides treatments for post plastic surgery in South Kensington/Knightsbride and selected London locations.  The following information is taken with permission from Lipotherapeia

DEEP OSCILLATION® Lymphatic Massage (Electrostatic Therapy Massage)

DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy utilises the same techniques as manual lymphatic massage (a very gentle massage technique, described in the next paragraph), but applied through gloves and with minimal pressure or no pressure at all, and is the most gentle massage technique available today. DEEP OSCILLATION® massage does not work by utilising hand pressure as normal lymph massage does, instead it stimulates tissue healing and lymph flow by the application of a safe and gentle electrostatic field that forms underneath the hand.

If you have just had plastic surgery you are most probably in a lot of pain so you might be tempted to think that a massage treatment would make the pain worse and is the last thing you need. However, DEEP OSCILLATION® massage could be described as almost-no-touch massage and it is absolutely safe and effective, especially against pain, swelling and bruising. The treatment is totally painless - it actually decreases pain both during it's application and for the 2-3 days after, and is ideal for all types of surgery. DEEP OSCILLATION® is also used in hospitals to help the healing of burns and after any other type of surgery, including orthopaedic surgery, and for sports injuries by several sports teams around the world.

DEEP OSCILLATION® technology allows us to offer an extremely mild yet very effective lymphatic drainage so that you recover much faster than normal after your operation. This is because it stimulates the body's own healing process and helps drain away excess fluid and tissue breakdown products that are formed during surgery. This treatment can be received once, twice or three times a week after surgery and it is also totally safe and effective.

Contrary to popular belief, treatment after plastic surgery should be initiated as soon as possible after the procedure, as in all types of surgery, including orthopaedic surgery. Early initiation of post-surgery treatments is necessary if you want to maximise the benefits of your surgery. Starting treatment four weeks after the operation, as a small minority of uninformed plastic surgeons may advise, will not offer as good results as if you start immediately (3-5 days after surgery). In addition, starting four weeks after surgery, when you are pain-free, misses the whole point of post-surgery treatments, which is about reducing pain, bruising and swelling when it is at it's worst and when treatments are needed the most"



The DOP is now becoming a favourite for self treatment too following invasive techniques.  After extensive surgery in Marbella one patient used the personal aesthetic unit to help rehabilitate and was very happy with the results she achieved, this can be read on the following press release





  • The DEEP OSCILLATION Evident Aesthetics as used by healthcare professionals for the fast relief of pain, swelling and bruising and the removal of protein solids and excess inflammatory matter from the tissue following aesthetic surgery enabling a faster return to normal activities and showcasing the results obtained