Range of Motion improvement: Chris Skitt Head of Sports Medicine Shrewsbury Town Football Club and Director of csphysiotherapy gives his feedback on DEEP OSCILLATION and working with PhysioPod

"As a Chartered Physiotherapist working in sport as well as private practice, I was really excited to see the potential benefits that the Physiopod could provide me with. Following an excellent demonstration with two very knowledgeable advocates, I immediately placed an order for the unit....

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.....Having used the unit for over a month now, I have been astonished by the benefit and responses that I have seen. I have treated a number of chronically stiff and painful joints using this system, which has shown remarkable results. I have seen immediate improvements in range of motions which have been previously unresponsive. I have also seen a bad hamstring strain which has improved drastically and uncharacteristically, the only difference to previous hamstring injuries I have seen has the been the use of the machine.

Overall I have seen an unbelievable benefit in using this system and it is something, which I will continue to use daily on all sorts of conditions. I would not hesitate to recommend this system to anybody in the healthcare setting"

Chris Skitt
Head of Sports Medicine Shrewsbury Town Football Club
Director of csphysiotherapy
7th September 2013