Simon Cooper M.C.S.P. A.A.C.P. Chartered Physiotherapist reports that on some acute injuries DEEP OSCILLATION® is applied as a stand-alone therapy

"I run a physiotherapy clinic within a fitness centre which also has facilities for athletes training at all levels and disciplines. I am often presented with an interesting array of injuries...

...Some three years ago a colleague handed me a brochure on the Hivamat 200.  It looked interesting so I attended a demonstration with Julie Soroczyn.  After one month of using the machine on acute, sub-acute and chronic injuries I was delighted with the results. I usually combine treatment sessions with other modalities and finish with Hivamat Therapy, but on some acute injuries I have used it as a stand-alone therapy"

Effects that I have noticed are:

  • Joint injury: reduction of oedema around joints sometimes noticed in one treatment session.
  • Reduction of pain.
  • Reduction of muscle spasm, when the therapy is applied with vinyl gloves and massage.
  • Soft tissue injury: reduction in bruising / oedema by stimulating the Lymphatic System.  I only use this after the bleeding has stopped. 

The DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy I find is slow to deliver, but the length of time taken to deliver it is far outweighed by the positive effects gained. 
(An improved healing environment)

Simon Cooper

M.C.S.P. A.A.C.P. Chartered Physiotherapist

The Physio & Sports Therapy Clinic

Tudor Grange Leisure Centre

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West Midlands

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