Hamstring Tear: Paul Smith, Head Physiotherapist of Sheffield Wednesday FC reports a 50 percent reduction in healing time of a Grade 2 Hamstring Tear

PhysioPod are delighted to receive this feedback from SWFC. In recent months, several clubs have confirmed acute healing success and for speedy post match recovery.

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"We trialled DEEP OSCILLATION® Therapy from PhysioPod™ UK Ltd at the end of last season. We credit the therapy specifically to an amazing recovery from one of our players who had a large tear in a hamstring muscle.  Clinically, he had a grade 2 injury. The MRI confirmed this and reported a 15cm tear. Historically, this player would take all of 6 weeks before returning to training with previous grade 2 hamstring tears.

He was treated everyday with DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy and with only three weeks of the season remaining, at the time of the injury occurring, he returned to training and played in our final game which we needed to win to stay in the championship. He was very influential in our victory. This was also achieved without him suffering a recurrence."

lpaul smith

Paul Smith

Head Physiotherapist

Sheffield Wednesday FC

Other recent sporting testimonials can be read below:


“DEEP OSCILLATION® Therapy has become an integral component of the acute injury management protocol and the management of recurrent effusion. MK Dons have experienced excellent results with the modality, particularly in the resolution of effusion. To maximise this effect the modality is utilized three to four times a day combining the treatment with lymphatic drainage techniques. DEEP OSCILLATION® Therapy is also very well received by the athletes, who frequently request the treatment with the clubs soft tissue therapists or they utilise the modality.”


simon crampton

Simon Crampton MSc MCSP SRP

Head of Sports Medicine, Milton Keynes Dons Ltd


Middlesbrough FC have been loaned a Deep Oscillation Therapy machine for a trial period to see its effects on Sports Injuries. The unit has achieved excellent results in clearing swelling from acute muscle injuries especially contusions. It has been well received and used by players when they have taken the unit home for self-treatment on an evening. We look forward to trying it out on future injuries within the Department.


chris moseley

Chris Moseley

Head Physiotherapist at Middlesbrough FC


“Whether used as a direct treatment modality in the management of soft tissue strains, bruises and niggles, or as an adjunct to soft tissue massage and assisting in player recovery, the HIVAMAT®  has proved to be an extremely effective and beneficial tool in the management of the The Yorkshire CCC playing squad this season.”


scot mcallister

Scot McAllister, Former Head Physiotherapist MCSP, HPC, MSOM. PG Dip. Advanced Clinical Practice PG Dip. Theory & Practice of Injection Therapy PG Dip. Orthopaedic Medicine – Yorkshire County Cricket


“As a Chartered Physiotherapist working in sport as well as private practice, I was really excited to see the potential benefits that the Physiopod could provide me with. Following an excellent demonstration with two very knowledgeable advocates, I immediately placed an order for the unit. Having used the unit for over a month now, I have been astonished by the benefit and responses that I have seen. I have treated a number of chronically stiff and painful joints using this system, which has shown remarkable results. I have seen immediate improvements in range of motions which have been previously unresponsive. I have also seen a bad hamstring strain which has improved drastically and uncharacteristically, the only difference to previous hamstring injuries I have seen has the been the use of the machine.  Overall I have seen an unbelievable benefit in using this system and it is something, which I will continue to use daily on all sorts of conditions. I would not hesitate to recommend this system to anybody in the healthcare setting.”


chris skitt

Chris Skitt MSc BSc MCSP SRP

Director of CSPhysiotherapy Limited

Head of Sports Medicine Shrewsbury Town Football Club


“The DEEP OSCILLATION® unit used by the club offers an easy to use adjunct to manual therapy methods employed by medical staff.  It can be used in combination with a variety of massage techniques or as a stand-alone modality when deep tissue treatment is contraindicated.  The support service provided by Physiopod is helpful, friendly and reliable, resulting in a healthy partnership between club and supplier.”


dave hart

David Hart MSc BSc MCSP

Head of Medical Department, Coventry City Football Club


“I run a physiotherapy clinic within a fitness centre which also has facilities for athletes training at all levels and disciplines. I am often presented with an interesting array of injuries. Some three years ago a colleague handed me a brochure on the DEEP OSCILLATION® via the Hivamat 200®. It looked interesting so I attended a demonstration with Julie. After one month of using the machine on acute, sub-acute and chronic injuries I was delighted with the results. I usually combine treatment sessions with other modalities and finish with Hivamat Therapy, but on some acute injuries I have used it as a stand-alone therapy. Effects that I have noticed are: Joint injury: reduction of oedema around joints sometimes noticed in one treatment session. Reduction of pain, reduction of muscle spasm, when the therapy is applied with vinyl gloves and massage. Soft tissue injury: reduction in bruising / oedema by stimulating the Lymphatic System. I only use this after the bleeding has stopped. The deep tissue oscillation therapy I find is slow to deliver, but the length of time taken to deliver it is far outweighed by the positive effects gained. A much improved healing environment.”


simon cooper

Simon Cooper  M.C.S.P. A.A.C.P. Chartered Physiotherapist,

The Physio and Sports Therapy Clinic


“Since being the first clinic in Ireland to offer DEEP OSCILLATION® Therapy (DOT) it has become an integral part of Clinic practice. Its impact on reducing inflammation and pain married with a very high level of compliance with patients makes it an invaluable modality not only for tissue healing but also in the recovery of athletes post event. Many referring consultants are specifically requesting DOT on their patients as an adjunct to their treatment protocols. Whether it is the high level athlete or the weekend warrior, DOT offers a significant intervention and aids in a quicker recovery from injury.”


andrew watson

Andrew Watson BSc MSc (Sports Med) GSR ARTC CSCS,

Raglan Sports Medicine


"Working within a sports environment at Bisham Abbey, therapists are often exposed to athletes from a variety of disciplines, as well as general sports people. The clinic is faced with rehab for chronic and acute injuries or general maintenance for pre/post sporting events. Dependent on what the client has come in for obviously determines treatment plan. If post event often the DEEP OSCILLATION® via the Hivamat 200®, is invaluable on tight lactic muscles, where light massage is beneficial and soothing, enabling accelerated recovery without being uncomfortable and sore. Added to this if a client is injured and in pain, the Hivamat 200® encourages the reduction of inflammation at a faster rate than other manual techniques, reducing swelling far quicker than using other techniques. Not only does this allow faster route to rehab it also helps reduce the clients appointment visits, therefore reducing their personal costs. Overall along side Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Techniques and Sports Massage the Hivamat for the last 3 years has been a very important part of treatments and often part of the referral process by fellow colleagues within the physiotherapy clinic."


julia hazelwood

Julia Hazelwood, MLD UK, Vodder MLD Practitioner

Sports and Lymphoedema Therapist

The Abbey Clinic at Bisham Abbey