Andrew Watson BSc MSc (Sports Med) GSR ARTC CSCS of Raglan Sports Medicine confirms that after three years of utilisation DEEP OSCILLATION® is an integral part of his practice.

"Since being the first clinic in Ireland to offer Deep Oscillation Therapy (DOT) it has become an integral part of our practice...

.....Its impact on reducing inflammation and pain married with a very high level of compliance with patients makes it an invaluable modality not only for tissue healing but also in the recovery of our athletes post event. 

Many of our referring consultants are specifically requesting DOT on their patients as an adjunct to their treatment protocols. Whether it is the high level athlete or the weekend warrior, DOT offers a significant intervention and aids in a quicker recovery from injury"

Andrew Watson BSc MSc (Sports Med) GSR ARTC CSCS 

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More about Raglan Sports Medicine

Raglan Sports Medicine are a progressive and forward thinking clinic. Marrying the benefits of Athletic Therapy (AT) and Chartered Physiotherapy (PT), they not only provide expert assessment and treatment but also aim to rehabilitate and train their patients in order to prevent further injury. They pride themselves on operating evidence-based practice in order to give their patients the highest level of care with the sound scientific back up of the latest research.
Andrew Watson is co-author with Dr Conor OBrien of a study using DEEP OSCILLATION® for the treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis (commonly known as Tennis Elbow) due to be submitted to the BMJ soon.
Raglan Sports Medicine are based at 4 Fitzwilliam Square East, Dublin, Dublin, 2. 
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