About PhysioPod® UK Ltd and DEEP OSCILLATION®

Research and development of DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy began in the early Eighties when physiotherapists, Hans Seidl and Wolfgang Walder commenced work at The Municipal Hospital in Amberg, Germany...

Working in very close collaboration with PHYSIOMED ELEKTROMEDIZIN AG, the leading producers of high-quality innovative physical therapy equipment their combined hard work was rewarded in 1988, when PHYSIOMED were granted patency for DEEP OSCILLATION®.   It was re-granted in 2002. This therapy in a range of products, is now exported to more than 83 countries worldwide, for use in sports rehabilitation, aesthetics and in clinical environments.


Julie Soroczyn, Managing Director of PhysioPod UK Limited

Arrival of DEEP OSCILLATION® in the UK came about following an invitation from Michael Schleissing of PHYSIOMED to Julie Soroczyn, Sports and Holistic Massage therapist in Nottingham.  Julie acquired the HIVAMAT® 200 in 2001, from a friend who was a Sports Lecturer at her local college having previously purchased the device from a medical warehouse in Germany.  He had used the therapy successfully on members of his local cricket team but a turnaround of events had meant a diverse career change making the unit redundant.  Having always extolled the virtues of the device to Julie, her interest was sparked and so she was happy to give the unit a new home in her treatment room.

Insurance was obtained easily and Julie quickly began to see amazing results amongst her clients at Therapeople in Nottingham with pain reduction, swelling and chronic injuries being particularly well suited to this therapy method and her clients loved it.  Word of mouth meant she no longer had to advertise!  Julie realized she had found something very special.  Following several months of use, she had many questions to ask about the therapy and experiences she wished to share with other therapists.  However, when she scanned the Internet to find other users in the UK,  she quickly drew a blank; it seemed she was the only one using the therapy, which was confirmed when she rang the Manufacturer!


PHYSIOMED Elektromedizin Ag Headquarters in Germany

After arriving in Germany, Julie was warmly introduced to the team at PHYSIOMED and during her two day stay was introduced to Wolfgang Walder, one of the Physiotherapists involved in it’s development.  In his clinic she witnessed many applications of the therapy and was very impressed.  When offered Exclusive UK and Ireland Distribution at the end of the trip, she did not hesitate to accept. 

Back home, she enlisted the skills of her Sister, Mary Fickling to set up the PhysioPod® UK Limited in 2006 (now trademarked), to import DEEP OSCILLATION® devices for distribution throughout the UK and Ireland.  Mary’s background of administration, finance and marketing meant they had the suitable key skills between them to launch the company. 




The first field of application they chose to explore was Lymphoedema, as Julie's mother-in-law suffered terribly with the condition following breast cancer treatment. She passed away never having had any treatment to help her, they put their minds to getting the therapy out there for all Lymphoedema sufferers.  They are immensely proud of their work in this area which is now used across the UK and Ireland in many NHS hospitals and private MLD DLT Practitioners and Lymphoedema Therapists. Sufferers are self managing their symptoms at home and abroad with the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS.  In 2009, Monica Conway was the first MLD DLT Lymphoedema Practitioner to work with Deep Oscillation in Ireland, many have followed suit. In 2012, PhysioPod became approved NHS Suppliers.


DEEP OSCILLATION® is now 'recommended' by Dr Vodder Academy International and 'The Wittlinger Lymphoedema Clinic' in Austria.  PhysioPod™ UK Ltd are corporate members of MLDuk and friend members of The British Lymphoedema Society 



Claire Tickle pictured above suffers with Lipoedema and underwent liposuction, deep oscillation was used pre and post liposuction to enhance the surgical procedure and speed up rehab.

In 2009 Lipoedema, an adipose tissue disorder, was brought to their attention and how the therapy was helping sufferers with pain, bruising and swelling and providing a feeling of 'lighter limbs', the condition affects 11% of the female population and was only recognised in 2012 by the NHS.  PhysioPod™ UK Ltd are friend members of Lipoedema UK 


UK elite football and rugby clubs have embraced the therapy, which has enabled faster player rehabilitation, applied 3 times a day in the acute injury stage and day one post operative.

Private Chartered Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors are now introducing the therapy to their patients and appreciate that the therapy addresses the 'wear and tear' on their own bodies:-

"At last, technology that addresses the wear and tear of physical therapists hands with the wonderful connectivity of being a hands on treatment, shear genius. A patient summed it up, when he said: 'for the first time, I felt us journey through the treatment process together, rather than being broken up while you get other bits of kit out, that don't involve touch and with you sitting behind your desk.'' It is a true Godsend for hands-on therapists. Thank you"

Nicky Snazell, BSc, BSc, MCSP, Fi STOP Consultant Physiotherapist in Spinal Pain, Fellow of Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain, International Lecturer in Pain and Health

2016: Chris Boynes, Chartered Sports and Musculo-skeletal Physiotherapist added DEEP OSCILLATION® to his tools

Chris Boynes trialled DEEP OSCILLATION® on 44 patients and after seeing results in pain and oedema reduction, improved range of motion and function he was happy that the therapy would be a beneficial tool in his weekly Harley Street Clinic and his North Norfolk practice near Fakenham. Chris has presented on Deep Oscillation several times at Elite Sports and Rehab and AACP.


PhysioPid are delighted to be recommended suppliers of The Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP). PhysioPod™ UK Ltd have very much enjoyed the continuing support of The Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) in the past four years.  AACP is a professional network representing physiotherapists interested in integrating Western Evidence Based Acupuncture into mainstream Physiotherapy. With around 6500 members, they represent physiotherapists applying acupuncture within clinical management in both the National Health Service (NHS) and private practice. The Association was founded over 30 years ago and has grown steadily to become the organisation that it is today, not only representing acupuncture physiotherapists, but also providing AACP Accredited Foundation Courses for those who want to train in acupuncture, and CPD events for those who have already trained.

PhysioPod are listed on Professor Timothy Watson's 'Electrotherapy On The Web' website (although not an endorsement or recommendation) listed as providing a 'professional service'


Equine therapists too report great results with the therapy and horses and dogs love the gentle and soothing vibration.  It's particularly effective on arthritis, haematoma and oedema in equine and canine

2015 saw the first Lactation Consultant take on DEEP OSCILLATION® for post pregnancy related problems.


PhysioPod™ UK Ltd are proud to have been nominated and shortlisted for the 2016 Global Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2016 




A list of therapists, including Chartered Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors, NHS and Private Hospitals, MLD DLT Practitioners and Lymphoedema Therapists, Sports and Sports Massage Therapists, Complementary Therapists and Equine/Canine Therapists using DEEP OSCILLATION® can be viewed here