Osteoarthritis in both hands meant Neil was considering a change of career

“When the two lovely young ladies from Nottingham came to demonstrate Deep Oscillation, I was somewhat sceptical that it could be as good as it was claimed, but it is now my most important piece of equipment....

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... I do still own many other pieces of equipment but if I want to use Ultrasound I have dig it out of the cupboard as it hardy gets used.  Before getting a HIVAMAT 200 Deep Oscillation I was considering I change of career, as breaking down injuries with my fingers had left me with arthritis in both hands, but as the machine treats your hands as you are treating the clients my arthritis has gone.  Using Deep Oscillation made my business grow quickly as clients come with minor injuries, not just when they are desperate and willing to endure the pain of standard treatment.  I have used the equipment on a large range of injuries and problems, from minor muscle strains to post operative care, to someone having his leg ripped off in a motorcycle accident and everything in between.  I have great and sometimes life changing results”


Neil Snelson