Lymphoedema and Chronic Oedema

PhysioPod® UK Limited and DEEP OSCILLATION®, where appropriate for the treatment and maintenance of Lymphoedema and Chronic Oedema, including self-management.

Deep Oscillation Review by Gaynor Leech, Lymphoedema Patient Advocate and L-W-O Founder

"Imagine my delight in July when talking to Mary Fickling through one of our many conversations she said “I have a brain wave” we were discussing Deep Oscillation Therapy (DOT) and the many reports to the success of DOT and how it could be beneficial to someone living with Lymphoedema. At the time Mary was busy writing her first Newsletter and I was getting ready to launch our Families website, so both extremely busy. I had asked Mary whether she would write a piece for the Management and Treatment on deep oscillation and whether DOT was suitable for Children. 

Mary recalled the case of a young person who has learnt to use the personal DOT unit themselves and the parents had written a glowing report of the journey and the progress of DOT in 2017. This year the family have updated their story which is truly inspirational.

The brain wave “why don’t I loan you a unit for a month and you can see for yourself”. Wow! Here is my personal view and as Founder of L-W-O Deep Oscillation Review by Gaynor Leech, Lymphoedema Patient Advocate and L-W-O Founder

L-W-O Community: Exciting News - New Website Launched for Families Whose Children Live with Lymphoedema

Gaynor Leech "I am very excited to be introducing L-W-O Community’s new family website to compliment our families support group for Paediatric and Primary Lymphoedema. Did you know babies and children could be born with lymphoedema. This can occur through a faulty or missing gene or an under development of the lymphatic system in the womb.  It can also manifest when children reach puberty or later in life.

Read our journey in our first blog for the new website how we have evolved from starting our families support group in 2017 to publishing the families website to complement our support group."

PhysioPod were delighted to be asked to contribute to their section on massage treatments:

Deep Oscillation Therapy (DOT) is a patented electrostatic lymphatic massage therapy which is delivered by the light vinyl gloved hands of the therapist/parent or supportive other to the patient, or via special applicators which enable patient self-treatment at home. The personal unit has many pre-programmed indications for sporting injuries and occupational conditions and now has a setting for Lymphoedema too.  DOT can be combined with MLD and SLD and it enhances treatment results, reducing swelling, 'pain with associated swelling' and fibrosis, aiding mobility and improving skin quality reducing the likelihood of infections.  The sensation is that of a gentle, relaxing vibration on the surface of the skin, and yet, it is clinically proven to permeate an 8 cm depth, impacting upon all tissue layers: including the connective tissue. It is in the connective tissue that we find the build-up of protein solids and lymphatic fluid which is evidence in Lymphoedema.


2020 Latest News: Kinvara Private Hospital recently invited PhysioPod UK to provide written content on Deep oscillation which is linked to on #Lymphoedema and #Lipoedema info pages 

Read latest feedback from Lymphoedema Practitioners

References and published articles - Please click here

"Lymphoedema is a complicating morbidity frequently seen in head and neck cancer patients who have undergone treatment with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. However, although it is one of the most prevalent side effects of treatment, it is both under-recognised and under-treated"

(Andrew Sember et al, 2017).

This article << looks at patient and practitioner experience of working with Deep Oscillation in this complex condition, both combined with manual lymphatic drainage and as a self treatment option at home via applicator. 

DEEP OSCILLATION® permeates an 8cm

depth through all tissue layers, including the connective tissue

(Solangel, 2010)


How DEEP OSCILLATION® arrived in the UK and The Republic of Ireland for the treatment and maintenance, where appropriate, of Lymphoedema and Chronic Oedema


Julie Soroczyn began to work with DEEP OSCILLATION® (See Clinically Proven Effects of DEEP OSCILLATION®) in the UK after purchasing a HIVAMAT® 200 unit.  Julie was the only Practitioner using in the UK for Sports and Complementary massage, with effective results.  Later, Julie was invited to Germany by the manufacturers of DEEP OSCILLATION®, PHYSIOMED Elektromedizen AG to shadow Dr Wolfgang Walder in his clinic and to witness the many applications of the therapy.  Dr Walder was key in helping develop DEEP OSCILLATION®, an internationally patented therapy technique, which gained it's first patent in 1988.


The FDA (U.S Food Drug and Administration) approved DEEP OSCILLATION® 


mary and julie

Nottingham - East Midlands - PhysioPod® UK Limited Established

Physiopod® UK Limited was set-up by Sisters and Directors, Julie Soroczyn and Mary Fickling to excusively distribute DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy in the UK and The Republic of Ireland.


harley street

DEEP OSCILLATION® combines with Manual Lymphatic Draining in the UK for the first time

Sossi Yerissian (MA) Dip. ION, BANT, CNHC. Dr. Vodder Technique and Casley Smith MLD DLT became the first therapist in the UK to combine DEEP OSCILLATION® with MLD in England,  Harley Street, for the treatment and management of Lymphoedema, Lipoedema and Lipo-Lymphoedema. 

Sossi Yerissian accepted the invitation of PhysioPod® to visit them in Nottingham to experience DEEP OSCILLATION® and combine the non-invasive, non-traumatic therapy with her MLD techniques.  Sossi was impressed with the therapy and decided to take it on to work with her Lymphoedema patients at her London practices.  Effective results were achieved and she issued the following press release "DEEP OSCILLATION® meets Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques" click to read full press release

Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy (DLT) for Lymphoedema

There Are Four Components to Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy (DLT)

  1. Compression bandages and garments – to move fluid out of the affected limb and minimise further build-up
  2. Skin care – to keep the skin in good condition and reduce the chances of infection
  3. Exercises – to use muscles in the affected limb to improve lymph drainage
  4. Specialised massage techniques – known as manual lymphatic drainage (*MLD) – to stimulate the flow of fluid in the lymphatic system and reduce swelling

*Manual Lymphatic Drainage

In France in the 1930's, Dr. Emil Vodder had noticed that people who were suffering from chronic catarrh and sinus infections tended to have swollen lymph nodes (glands) and much against the medical practice of the time, he started to work upon these lymph nodes.  Working closely with his wife, Estrid Vodder, ND, they developed a specialist, advanced form of massage now known amongst health care professionals worldwide as Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). MLD comprises very gentle, subtle, repetitive massage movements that are based on pumping and scooping, encouraging lymph to flow more freely through the tissues; renewing, nourishing, strengthening and regenerating cells, removing waste products and relaxing the nervous system.  Application of MLD is performed by certified Manual Lymph Drainage therapists who have undergone a specific training programme: 

Practitioners now train in five different methods of Manual Lymphatic Drainage - click here for courses/contact details

Lymph Drainage can be utilized in the treatment of many different conditions including:- 

  • Primary and Secondary Lymphoedema
  • Venous insufficiency
  • Non-infected inflammatory conditions (e.g. sprains and strains)
  • Ulceration
  • Dermatological conditions
  • Circulatory disturbances
  • Sports injuries
  • Burns
  • Pre and post aesthetic and general surgery


Rebecca Elwell contacted PhysioPod® requesting the following study (click report below) to be presented at the BLS Conference 2008 in Belfast

Rebecca Elwell

Rebecca Elwell, Macmillan Lymphoedema Nurse Specialist, Msc Lymphoedema, Casley Smith & Leduc MLD DLT, The Royal Stoke University Hospital, University Hospital of North Midlands NHS Trust (former Chair of BLS)



Dr Kirsten Mathiske from Charité Universitätsmedizin in Berlin, Germany presented the study


case of

Sossi Yerissian writes of "The Case of The Swollen Eye" for Massage World Magazine



DEEP OSCILLATION Reaches Scottish and Irish MLD Therapists, Good News for Lymphoedema Sufferers

DEEP OSCILLATION® arrived in Scotland with Lynora Kennedy Vodder MLD DLT Practitioner following word of mouth recommendation

DEEP OSCILLATION® arrived in Ireland with Monica Conway Vodder MLD DLT Practitioner after meeting PhysioPod® in Dublin.

The first breast oedema sufferer invests in a personal unit for self-management between MLD sessions




Denise Hardy, Nurse Consultant, RGN, BSc (Hons) Palliative Care Clinical Manager - Kendal Lymphology Centre, BLS, MLD UK, PHIA, Vodder, Leduc, FG-MLD, MLD DLT Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist, Clinical Team Lipoedema UK, acquired DEEP OSCILLATION® for her clinic in Cumbria

max liebl

MLD UK Annual Conference and AGM: Dr Max Liebl from The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Charité Universitätsmedizin, Berlin, presented The "Uses and Application of DEEP OSCILLATION®" to conference delegates. Charité is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe, all of their clinical care, research and teaching is delivered by physicians and researchers of the highest international standard.  DEEP OSCILLATION® was the only electrotherapy used in the hospital for Lymphoedema management.

christine talbot
Christine Talbot SRN, BLS MLD UK, Vodder, Leduc, Casley Smith MLD DLT Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist/Bowen Therapist, BA Member


Christine Talbot SRN talks about DEEP OSCILLATION® for Lymphoedema sufferers to Barefoot Broadcasting

HOLISTIC HOUR - listen to Christine Talbot talk about the lymphatic system and DEEP OSCILLATION® which she describes as "revolutionery" for the patients in her care






Choice Health and Wellbeing Magazine featured article: "DEEP OSCILLATION® - Changing the Quality of Lives for Lymphoedema Sufferers" - Read Featured Article 



DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy appears in 'Lymphline' Spring 2011 Issue.  An article written about DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy by Christine Talbot was published in the Spring 2011 Issue of the Lymphoedema Support Network periodical 'Lymphline'. The Lymphoedema Support Network is a registered charity and the UK's national patient support organisation for Lymphoedema.

PhysioPod® UK Limited wish to clarify that the inclusion of this article in the newsletter did not implicate an endorsement from LSN for DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy and that the views expressed were those of the Author. 




Rebecca Elwell, Macmillan Lymphoedema Nurse Specialist, Msc Lymphoedema, BLS, MLD DLT Casley Smith & Leduc, of The Royal Stoke University Hospital, University Hospital of North Midlands NHS Trust - acquired the DEEP OSCILLATION® Evident CLINICS and personal units to loan out, where appropriate, to their Lymphoedema patients for self-management 

Rebecca Elwell completed her MSc in Lymphoedema in and as part of this, carried out a randomised controlled trial in the use of DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy for breast cancer related lymphoedema.


DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy is mentioned as one of the standard treatments for Lymphoedema care in "The Journal for PT, Physiotherapists Magazine" published by Charité Universtätsmedizin Berlin


Self Management Feedback


Lymphoedema and Lipoedema sufferers report their effective findings of self management with DEEP OSCILLATION®
Self Management with the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal has kept Lymphoedema in check between MLD sessions


Melanie Thomas MBE
Melanie Thomas MBE, DSA, BSc (Hons), FCSP, National Clinical Lead for Lymphoedema in Wales
Melanie Thomas invested in DEEP OSCILLATION® for Welsh Lymphoedema Clinics
Click to read where DEEP OSCILLATION® is mentioned in the Standardisation of  Lymphoedema Servicesin the Lymphoedema Wales Newsletter Issue 1 - Page 3



Alex Munnoch

Alex Munnoch MBChB, FRCSEd(Plast), Consultant Plastic Surgeon & Clinical Lead,

Ninewells Hospital - Dundee


Alex Munnoch acquired DEEP OSCILLATION® for the Department of Plastic Surgery. (Mr Munnoch is also Patron of TALK Lipoedema and Medical Advisor to Lipoedema UK and LSN)




PhysioPod® UK Limited became a Registered Trademark

PhysioPod® UK Limited became NHS Approved Suppliers (Authorised NHS Suppliers in England and Wales IFA912, IFB912, IFA912(W), IFB912(W)


Northern Ireland


jane rankin

Jane Rankin MBE, MCSP, Lymphoedema Network Northern Ireland (LNNI) Lead, Chair of BLS
Jane Rankin invests in DEEP OSCILLATION® for Lymphoedema Clinics in Northern Ireland
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester acquire the DEEP OSCILLATION® Evident CLINICS and personal units to loan out, where appropriate to their Lymphoedema patients for self-management 
prof hildegard
Professor Hildegard Wittlinger
PhysioPod™ UK Ltd are the only company invited to give talks at the Vodder Review, Belper about DEEP OSCILLATION®
the portland
The Portland Hospital for Women and Children provide feedback on it's effective use with Lymphoedema "the area in which the Hivamat has consistently provided us with beneficial results has been in the treatment of patients suffering with lymphoedema".




PhysioPod become Corporate Members of The British Lymphology Society, attending their first BLS Conference as an exhibitor,

showing delegates DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy - please read the review here

Wittlinger Lymphoedema Clinic/Dr Vodder Academy International recommend DEEP OSCILLATION® 




Primary Care Nursing Review Feature DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy for Lipoedema, Lymphoedema and Lipo Lymphoedema in their 'product focus and reviews




PhysioPod were invited to attend the CLSIG National ‘Lymphaletics Day’ day on 13th September 2014 - a special day for children and families with lymphoedema to join in a fun day of sport and activities in Sheffield, in a supportive environment to promote confidence, quality of life, exercise and facilitate peer support on a national basis.  Mary Fickling of PhysioPod helped fundraising efforts by completing a half marathon on her rollerblades


Daily self management with the DEEP OSCILLATION PERSONAL SPORTS enables Amanda to keep her arm lymphoedema in check and continue with the leisure pursuits she enjoys





Presented at The BLS Conference 2015, Birmingham: “Breast oedema in breast cancer patients: an audit on quality of life: Dr Ashley Vardon, Dr Murray Brunt, Rebecca Elwell” DEEP OSCILLATION® is mentioned as being a part of their standard care programme for breast oedema patients.



DEEP OSCILLATION® Verification of tissue resonance in deep tissue through the use of ULTRASOUND imaging (ultrasonography).


PhysioPod® received the following statement from Lorraine Brown, Lymphoedema Clinical Nurse Specialist for Virgin Care’s: Beacon Lymphoedema Service in Guildford

"At the Beacon Lymphoedema Service we have four portable DEEP OSCILLATION® units which we loan to patients when it’s clinically appropriate. We train patients to use the machines to encourage lymphatic drainage and we’ve had some excellent results. We’ve found this process really helps empower patients to care for their own Lymphoedema, and patientshave given us great feedback too"




MLD UK - "The Journal" - Winter 2015 feature:
mld journal
 "Eight Years on - An MLD DLT Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist Review of DEEP OSCILLATION® (HIVAMAT® 200)Therapy" - including feedback from Catherine Groom - Leeds Lymphoedema Service BLS MLDUK, PHIA Vodder and Casley Smith MLD DLT Practitioner in regards DEEP OSCILLATION® for the Head and Neck oedema patient in their care:

"DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy enables good control of hands in small delicate areas, the treatment is pleasant to receive and we have only ever had positive feedback.  The treatment of Head and Neck oedema can be challenging for both therapist and patient.  To be able to achieve effective results more quickly is hugely positive for the patient.  It also frees up clinic slots to enable more patients to be.  The use of the HIVAMAT® 200 has definitely improved the overall treatment opportunities we can give our patients"


More highly-respected MLD DLT Practitioners take on DEEP OSCILLATION® to enhance their already 'skilled' hands


PhysioPod® receive lovely feedback of the LSN patient support group presentation they gave at The Royal Marsden Hospital which led Carol to invest in a DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS


PhysioPod® end the year on a high at the BLS 2015 Annual Conference and AGM at The National Motorcycle Museum in Brmingham, where many NHS hospitals arranged to have demonstrations in their clinics.




DEEP OSCILLATION® is now used across the UK and Ireland in NHS Lymphoedema Clinics and by many Private MLD DLT Practitioners.  Lymphoedema and Lipoedema sufferers are self-managing too with the DEEP OSCILLATION® personal units, which  are also supplied with bespoke therapy cards with their units which are based upon on a protocol that has been successful for them.  The therapy cards can be adapted at any time, free of charge by PhysioPod®.  All self-managing patients having received a full consultation/planned and mutually agreed successful outcome for the therapy, before going on to purchase a unit.  They are fully instructed by their therapist in it's use and in the correct direction of lymphatic flow in order to encourage lymphatic drainage.


Latest Study of DEEP OSCILLATION® used in Lymphoedema and Lipoedema treatment in the Journal of Lipoedema 2016


Study in PCNR comparing MLD and DEEP OSCILLATION to pneumatic compression treatment for Lymphoedema 2016



Click to view the post code map of NHS Hospitals and Private MLD DLT Therapists using




Click here to read the testimonials of MLD DLT Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist applying to Patient and Patient Self-Management Testimonials 


To view DEEP OSCILLATION® and how it can be effectively supplied for Lipoedema (Lipedema) and Lipo-Lymphoedema


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Members of The British Lymphology Society (BLS)


mld uk


Corporate Members of MLDUK




Recommended Suppliers of The Acupuncture Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP)


DEEP OSCILLATION® with Pain and Pedema will be presented at the Annual 2016 Conference 




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