J A Mackay MB ChB (Retired GP) provides evaluation of his use of DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment via the Personal Sports

"I must admit to a certain initial scepticism but I have been won over by the simplicity and the seeming effectiveness of DEEP OSCILLATION®...


... initially I purchased personal sports machine for a 6 inch surgical wound on my wife's thigh which had showed no signs of healing after several years. Over the next 2 years the wound almost healed.

My 2 year old boxer bitch had arthritis (vet x-ray diagnosis ) of her rear leg for 2 months making her unable to get up the steps of our motorhome. After 3 sessions over 24 hours she no longer required to be lifted up.

I had achilles paratendonitis which had previously usually required a week of Indometacin to treat but now settled with two 15 minute sessions.

Pain of metacarpal-phalangeal joint of thumb, severe enough to stop use of computer mouse and causing difficulty putting on socks for a week, settled overnight with a single 10 minute session one evening.

I  would recommend that patients see a therapist for a trial for soft tissue conditions to determine their response."


J A Mackay MB ChB (Retired GP)


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