Andrew Watson ABSc. (Hons) GSR ARTC, CSCS

Andrew Watson runs The Raglan Clinic in Dublin, he has been instrumental in the arrival of DEEP OSCILLATION® in Ireland and has helped out PhysioPod™ UK Ltd immensely with various sporting rehabilitation protocols. He is now conducting DEEP OSCILLATION®/ tennis elbow studies with Dr Conor O'Brien from the Sport Surgery Clinic in Santry

“I first heard about Deep Oscillation therapy while working in an American university. When I returned to Ireland, I contacted PhysioPod about getting  a Hivamat unit, as it was the benefit of being able to use my hands while applying the therapy that really appealed to me. I find the Hivamat very effective in reducing muscle spasm and pain, which is of great benefit particularly around the spine. I have found it increases the therapeutic effect of vertebral mobilizations when performed after the treatment. I have also noticed positive effects in reducing joint inflammation, particularly knees, leading to an increase in pain free range of motion and therefore an decrease in rehabilitation time. I am getting a good response from the patients"

  Andrew Watson, BSc, GSR, CSCS - Sports Rehabilitator The Raglan Clinic, Dublin.

Andrew has also since written three articles regarding his use of DEEP OSCILLATION®

Senior Times Ireland

and the Annual PGA Golf Tour Magazine