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Gaynor Leech, expert Patient Lymphoedema Advocate of LWO Community 

Gaynor puts forward her members questions to Jane Wigg about all things relating to Lymphoedema and the lymphatic system.


With Jane's words, Mary Fickling, of PhysioPod UK creates an explainer video which is accompanied by a voiceover from Jane Wigg.

Jane Wigg, Lymphoedema Clinical Expert, Lymphoedema Training Academy and LymphVision

Jane Wigg is a multi-award-winning nurse consultant, who has been working in the field of lymphology for over 25 years.

She is an innovator, publisher, author, and educator of all things lymph.

She is passionate about improving the lives of those living with lymphatic conditions. Jane works clinically through providing Near Infrared Lymphofluoroscopy imaging clinics in the UK, through LymphVision and is Director of the Lymphoedema Training Academy, providing full certification in Lymphoedema rehabilitation including the pioneering method of Fluoroscopy Guided Manual Lymphatic Drainage (FG-MLD®) or the 'Fill & Flush' method.



Question 1: Why doesn’t the lymphatic system get the recognition it deserves and why does the health care profession know so little about the Lymphoedema especially in the UK?

Question 1: (Part Two): Lymphangion Contraction - LTA

Question 2: How does a healthy lymphatic system work?

Question 3: How do the lymph channels form?

Question 4: How do lymph nodes work?

Question 5: Inflammation - Is their a link to Lymphoedema?

Question 6: Food and inflammation

Question 7: Why does the health care profession know so little about Lymphoedema and when it comes to lymphoedema, why are HCP’s so reluctant to accept that those who have lived with lymphoedema a long time may have more knowledge than they do?

Question 8/9: Is manual lymphatic drainage useful for my ongoing treatment? Many clinics are taking MLD away as part of treatment?

Question 10: After you have been provided with compression garments, should you be reassessed to ensure they are still right for you and if so how often should you be reviewed. Thank you’

Question 11: Living with lymphoedema, why do we 'itch' so much? Especially around the ankles and out private parts?

Question 12: Long Haul Flights - do you wear brand new (tight) compression?

Question 13: Ageing and Lymphoedema