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Each month, PhysioPod provide a free newsmagazine for their readers. We would call it a newsletter but from the very first issue it was clear there was a lot to talk about! It's not just about Deep Oscillation either, take a look, subscribe if it's something you'd like to receive on a monthly basis or check back regularly for latest issues. Grab a coffee, enjoy! Below the monthly issues are links to our regular strand, Ask Jane, Clinical Lymphoedema Expert..



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Ask Jane Wigg, Lymphoedema Clinical Expert

Each month Jane will answer a question from members of the LWO Community, in order to keep them as a top priority we are keeping them in this special place for easy access to our readers.

Question 1: Why doesn’t the lymphatic system get the recognition it deserves and why does the health care profession know so little about the Lymphoedema especially in the UK?

Question 2: How does a healthy lymphatic system work?

Question 3: How do the lymph channels form?

Question 4: How do lymph nodes work?

Question 5: Inflammation - Is their a link to Lymphoedema?

Question 6: Food and inflammation

Question 7: Why does the health care profession know so little about Lymphoedema and when it comes to lymphoedema, why are HCP’s so reluctant to accept that those who have lived with lymphoedema a long time may have more knowledge than they do?

Question 8: Is manual lymphatic drainage useful for my ongoing treatment? Many clinics are taking MLD away as part of treatment?