Listen to PT TALKER interview William Griffith about DEEP OSCILLATION®

William Griffith, of Physiomed North America talks to Jeff Worrell on PT Talker (an online resource for physical therapy news, innovations and techniques to improve patient outcomes).

William Griffith is the President of Physiomed North America, the exclusive distributor for DEEP OSCILLATION® and HIVAMAT® 200 therapy as it is also called in the United States and Canada - in this Podcast with Jeff Worrell he discusses why physiotherapists were not taught about this technique at University and how it is spreading successfully across North America.  In 30 years of supplying electromedical equipment (Cold Laser, Shortwave Diathermy, Microwave Diathermy, Interferential Current Therapy, Microcurrent, TENS, FS, Combination Ultrasound and e-stim he prefers DEEP OSCILLATION® to them all.  Here he tells you why: