Surgery: Pre & Post Care

Swellings, Pain, and Bruising are significantly reduced allowing a 50% reduction in recovery times after surgery, the following testimonials explore the reality of DEEP OSCILLATION® applied from an early stage and how it can provide very effective results.

DEEP OSCILLATION® for scar treatment after removal of a basal cell carcinoma - "Following surgery to remove a basal cell carcinoma I had a long, lumpy, swollen and inflamed scar on my neck. After only one treatment of DEEP OSCILLATION® with Regina Dengler, the swelling was reduced, the hard lumps had become softer, it was less painful and the inflammation had gone! I have now had two more treatments and it continues to improve. " Elizabeth, Nottingham

Post Surgical Rehabilitation With DEEP OSCILLATION® Improves Wound Healing and Promotes Movement - Five weeks following a Cheilectomy and a 'Kessel-bonney procedure' for Hallux Rigidus Tracey was suffering with swelling, pain and lack of mobility.

Mr Nicholas Flower, Consultant ENT Surgeon reports effect of DEEP OSCILLATION® To A Severe Soft Tissue Injury Sustained To His Right Hand. - Mr Nicholas Flower - Consultant ENT Surgeon was introduced to DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy by Nicole De Havilland, Lymphoedema Consultant Practitioner at Ramsey Rivers Hospital who uses DEEP OSCILLATION® successfully in daily clinic. Mr Flower is confident that DEEP OSCILLATION® has enabled a return to operating just six weeks following the severe soft tissue injury to the first webspace of his dominant right hand.

By Michelle Ellis, Chair of Lipoedema Ladies - Post Lipoedema Liposuction Successful Rehabilitation with DEEP OSCILLATION® - DEEP OSCILLATION® helps with pain, inflammation, swelling and bruising and breakdown of stubborn fibrosis. After liposuction or any surgical procedure it can be applied in the early post surgical period, resulting in less and smoother scar tissue and promotion of a dynamic wound healing. Naturally boosting the bodies natural healing process, it allows a quicker overview of results and a speedier return to normal activity.

Haematoma - It is a wonderful, easy, “hands on therapy” which will make a huge difference to patient recovery post surgery.

Post Liposuction Rehab With DEEP OSCILLATION - Claire is delighted with her new legs and also with the way she was able to enhance the post liposuction healing period with DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy, using a personal unit for 20 minutes a day via applicators from Days 3 to 30. Throughout the post operative rehabilitation period, Claire kept subjective scoring in the following areas; pain, oedema (swelling), bruising, skin tightness, mobility and appearance, which are displayed in an infographic in this article.

Sossi Yerissian, MLD UK, CDT, Vodder & Casley Smith MLD Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist - Sossi Yerission was the first MLD Therapist in the UK to combine DEEP OSCILLATION® with MLD techniques as well as using the therapy for Lymphoedema patients Sossi also uses for her her post aesthetic surgery cases...

Sossi Yerissian, MLD UK, CDT, Vodder & Casley Smith MLD Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist - Sossi has remained close to PhysioPod™ UK Ltd throughout the last few years and has helped out at several exhibitions, she is very passionate about DEEP OSCILLATION® and recently gave this updated testimonial..

Dr John Williams, Aesthetics Surgeon - Aesthetics Surgeon Dr John Williams in the United States uses DEEP OSCILLATION® in a wide range of procedures to combat post surgical swelling and bruising...

Prof D Berg and Dr G Schonfelder - The following summary follows the study of side effects following conservative therapy for a carcinoma of the breast...

Patricia Boulet, Physiotherapist - Patricia uses DEEP OSCILLATION® effectively following breast cancer surgery to increase lymph drainage...

DEEP OSCILLATION® and C Section Healing - Mr Chris Griffin FRANZCOG MMED CMFM DDU Midland Ultrasound and Medical Services gives his thoughts on applying DEEP OSCILLATION® following C-Section

Shelly McCoy uses DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal POSTPARTUM following C-Section - "It seemed so easy to use and my husband had a go at treating me to without any problems and this was without any experience of using the equipment. I was demonstrated how I could self treat too..."

Georgios Tzenichristos ECNP, MRNT, MIPTI. ITEC, - Georgios Tzenichristos discovered with that DEEP OSCILLATION® results are obtained in half of the time he would normally have needed..

USE OF DEEP OSCILLATION THERAPY FOLLOWING TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT - Following a total knee replacement, it was decided to use Deep Oscillation Therapy (DOT) to try to reduce the swelling around the knee joint. This we did from the 5th day following surgery, carrying out the treatment daily for 2 weeks, then on alternate days for a further 2 weeks.

Cording after breast cancer surgery/arm Lymphoedema treatment - Thanks to Lesley Batten, testimonial from her patient Helen who suffers with Lymphoedema of the arm..

Breast reduction/Tummy Tuck - Jo found that daily use of the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal AESTHETICS was imperative following extensive plastic surgery in Marbella.

ACL swelling following surgery -