Muscle Injury

As a personal trainer I know the importance of being in peak physical condition. After obtaining a muscle injury to my right thigh during a collision in a football match I sort help from PhysioPod

Before treatment I had inflammation, pain and swelling. I was unable to flex at the knee due to the amount of swelling of the quadriceps and swelling around the knee. Contraction of the quadriceps was not possible without severe pain and walking was a real struggle.

A combination of Physio lead massage and DEEP OSCILLATION® self treatment with the PhysioPod over a 3 day period was used. After the first day consisting of two 30 minute self treatments the swelling had subsided substantially and had bought out the bruising over night. Day two again consisted of two self treats in conjunction with one physio led massage. I woke the next day to find further reduction of swelling and flexion at the knee improved greatly. One further day of two self treats completely reduced swelling and further flexion possible. Pain had reduced and was now walking fine. I feel a few more treatments and I'll be back to match fitness.

I will definitely use the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS again.

Graham Louden, Personal Trainer.