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The Sporting elite of the UK and Ireland were oblivious to the benefits of DEEP OSCILLATION® for the immediate treatment of injuries and day one post operative healing. In 2007 Carl Froch, WBC Super Middleweight title holder put the therapy firmly on the map and nobody was arguing with him! Since his endorsement, many have followed his lead, with professional footballers, golfers (the legendary Eammon Darcy included) and their physiotherapists talking excitedly about this new effective approach which meant they could now intensify the effects of their techniques and apply immediately after injury.

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Reading UK Sporting Professional Testimonials on Press Release Point


In 2007, Carl Froch the World Champion Super Middleweight Boxer rang Julie Soroczyn for a DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment because of troublesome swelling that remained after ACL surgery.  Julie's contact details had been given by a fellow athlete who had been impressed with the treatment he had received at  Therapeople

Carl Froch was very keen to avoid further investigative surgery because he needed to start training in preparation for a big title fight.  As Julie set to work with the HIVAMAT® 200 on his knee (after opening the lymphatic pathways), Carl was really amazed at how quickly the treatment took effect.

Julie suggested he self treat with the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS several times a day.  All Julie asked in return was that if it worked he could perhaps write a testimonial for the website.   Days later Carl rang to say, "Julie, I am not going to write you a testimonial"  Julie's heart sank, but then continued, "I am going to endorse it for you!".  Julie was so pleased to have been able to help and hoped this endorsement would encourage others to try it for themselves.

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More professional athletes followed in Carl's footsteps and soon Deon Burton of Sheffield Wednesday was self treating at home with the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS  Deon felt the treatment was much preferred to ice packs and anti-inflammatories which he would usually take.

In 2008, Carl gave a further endorsement as DEEP OSCILLATION® entered the Premiership Football League following robust trialling of the therapy immediately after injury and with players who had had surgery, using Day One post operatively. Read the endorsement here

In 2009 Andrew Watson ABSc. (Hons) GSR ARTC, CSCS  of the Ragln Clinic in Dublin's prestigious Fitzwilliam Square added the therapy to his techniques and has been a keen fan ever since.  Soon after this, Simon Cooper M.C.S.P. S.R.P. A.A.C.P. Solihull Physiotherapy in the UK discovered the benefits, a press release was issued with their combined thoughts, to read press release

Around the world many athletes continue to be impressed with DEEP OSCILLATION® and how it helps them maintain their physcial fitness  

Eammon Darcy, the legendary Irish Golfer was referred to the Raglan Clinic in Dublin by his Consultant Dr Conor O'Brien for DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment, he was so impressed he contacted PhysioPod™ UK Ltd when he was advised by Andrew Watson at The Raglan Clinic there was a personal unit he could use and take our tour with him.  Months later, Eammon provided the following testimonial:-

"Having played golf for over 25years on the European Tour; I have ended up with a lot of back problems. Over the years, I have tried a lot of pain-relieving machines, but have now found the PhysioPod. This machine has given me a lot of relief and is not at all invasive. I carry it around at the tournament and have now started to lend it some fellow professionals who find it very helpful and easy to use. Our PGA Physiotherapist has also found it easy to work with and has used it on fellow golfers who all like it as much as I do"


With thanks to Physiomed North America we able to provide readers with this testimonial from Freddie Sanchez

"I use the HIVAMAT® whenever I have any sort of nagging pain or tightness throughout my body.  Whenever I feel something come up, I just turn to the best machine I've ever used!!  I really do think it keeps me on the field. During the season as all baseball players know, aches and pains happen.  One time I fouled a pitch off of my calf/shin during spring training and I had a lot of swelling that I thought would keep me out for days, but thanks to the HIVAMAT®, I was back out there the next day!!  I would recommend the HIVAMAT® 200 to anyone!!!"

Freddy Sanchez, San Francisco Giants 3rd Baseman, 2006 National League Batting Champion, 3 time All Star



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