For several years DEEP OSCILLATION® has been used successfully in the United States pre and post chiropractic manipulations and adjustments. With thanks to Physiomed North America we are able to see the difference it has made to two leading chiropractors and their work. Now DEEP OSCILLATION® has arrived in the UK/Ireland, intrigued Chiropractors want to know more...

Timothy J Carr, DC - Timothy J Carr DC, Board Eligible American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists utilises DEEP OSCILLATION® with his patients in the United States, he feels it is the best combination, HIVAMAT® 200 and chiropractic manipulative therapy.

Vicki A Cunningham, DC - Dr Vicki Cunningham, DC in the United States would never have imagined she would use any electrical modality in her practice. But she loves DEEP OSCILLATION® and continues to be amazed at the results she achieves for her patients.

UK: Georgie Baker DC MMCA, McTimoney Chiropractor - "People in acute pain can tolerate DEEP OSCILLATION® much more than other techniques especially when they are too sore or sensitive for any but the lightest of pressure"