Respiratory Disorders

In the treatment of respiratory conditions, DEEP OSCILLATION® is applied gently to the entire thorax, for the first part of the treatment session with effleurage stroking of the fingertips, followed by slow effleurage stroking of both hands. The hand held applicators provide the opportunity for daily self management.


Feedback from Hospital Havelhöhe, Berlin on use of Deep Oscillation in Covid-19 patients with pulmonary oedema

Dr. med. F. Esposito, Chief Physician and Stephan Braum, Physiotherapist, of Hospital Havelhöhe, Berlin, Germany have provided the following report

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DEEP OSCILLATION® acts quickly to provide a gentle and efficient relaxation of the respiratory musculature with mucolytic effect; promoting an immediate feeling of well-being.

PhysioPod™ UK Ltd are pleased to report their findings from around the world in this field of application thus far via a collection of reports and testimonials which can be >> read here


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DEEP OSCILLATION® electrostatic massage therapy, gentle, non-invasive, effective.