Matt Barker gives his feedback on his use of Deep Oscillation®

“I have been using my Deep Oscillation® Personal unit in my Sports Therapy clinic for 2 years now. It has since become an integral part of my services both as part of my massage sessions and as a stand-alone treatment.

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"..... It has enabled me to work on injuries that are possibly too acute for manual therapy due to the gentle nature of the treatment, allowing me to provide an earlier service to patients with injuries such as sprains and strains. I have found Deep Oscillation therapy very effective for reducing swelling and inflammation in these cases. Another application I have found it useful for is arthritis. Whilst it does not cure this, it does seem to provide relief to my patients who suffer from nagging aches in joints. I have seen particularly good results with finger joints and knees.

Other applications I have used it for with success are post op scar tissue softening, Sacroilliac pain and Plantar fasciitis.  I offer 6 x 30 minute sessions to be taken over a three-week period as stand-alone treatment with the DOP, which seems to be the most effective way to treat most things. One treatment alone provides relief, but momentum can be gained with closely followed up treatments by allowing more movement in joints, thus allowing patients to move, exercise and stretch more easily after each session, creating an exponential pattern recovery. It has to be said that it does not work for everybody in that way, but so far I have had great results and great feed back, with many retuning customers including Consultants, General Practitioners and Surgeons.”

Matt Barker

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