Lipoedema (Lipedema)

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Patient Review: Lipoedema (Lipedema) - Self Management with the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS Patient Review - "Years, or rather decades, of being told to lose weight, twenty years of fruitless attempts to sort out compression for worsening varicose veins, followed post menopause by worsening leg pain and swelling in the course of every day, and finally, 3 years ago, in my late fifties, the diagnosis: lipoedema.

By Michelle Ellis, Chair of Lipoedema Ladies - Post Lipoedema Liposuction Successful Rehabilitation with DEEP OSCILLATION® - DEEP OSCILLATION® helps with pain, inflammation, swelling and bruising and breakdown of stubborn fibrosis. After liposuction or any surgical procedure it can be applied in the early post surgical period, resulting in less and smoother scar tissue and promotion of a dynamic wound healing. Naturally boosting the bodies natural healing process, it allows a quicker overview of results and a speedier return to normal activity.

Liposuction for Lipoedema Post Operative Recovery - Deep Oscillation - Liposuction for Lipoedema (a chronic adipose tissue disorder) has become a popular treatment choice for sufferers; where conservative methods have not been effective. Ladies are finding that the procedure does improve symptoms and enhance the quality of their lives but it is important to keep in mind that Consultants state that this is not a cure for the condition. PhysioPod now have a small amount of Deep Oscillation Personal Units available to help with the post operative recovery period. The following is a short feedback of one lady who has used for one calendar month.

Claire’s Story - What is Lipoedema? Lipoedema (NOT Lymphoedema) is a chronic, hereditary and genetic disorder of the adipose tissue (or body fat) which can be both disfiguring and painful. It predominantly affects women (although men can also suffer) from the age of puberty and beyond. Sufferers may have a normal slim (upper) body shape but a much larger disproportionate lower body below the waist without changes made to diet or exercise regime, in some cases, upper arms are effected too. As Lipoedema progresses, additional, expanding fat cells interfere with the pathways of lymphatic vessels and sufferers can develop secondary Lymphoedema and it then becomes known as Lipo-Lymphoedema. The effects of Lipoedema on the patient can also cause great psychological distress for the sufferer.

Jill's Story - Very sadly, Jill has now passed away. We leave this article in tribute to a wonderful lady who was loved dearly by many in life and in the Lipoedema Community.

My 12 month Lipoedema Surgery Journey - Hi, I’m Bel Hardman and this is my story from Lipoedema diagnosis in 2020 to completion of 4 surgeries between December 2021 – December 2022.

Claire Tickle’s Painful 10 Stone Lipoedema Legs Are Now "Pain-Free And Light As A Feather” Following The Removal of 32 Litres Of Fat Via Liposuction Carried Out by Anne Dancey. - Claire is delighted with her new legs and also with the way she was able to enhance the post liposuction healing period with DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy, using a personal unit for 20 minutes a day via applicators from Days 3 to 30. Throughout the post operative rehabilitation period, Claire kept subjective scoring in the following areas; pain, oedema (swelling), bruising, skin tightness, mobility and appearance, which are displayed in an infographic in this article.

Chrissie Aldous provides feedback on using a PhysioPod for Lipoedema - "I first heard about the PhysioPod in October 2013, at a meet for ladies with Lipoedema. It is a very painful condition. Mary and Julie offered me a taster session on the PhysioPod...

Lipoedema and Lymphoedema of the legs - "After myself and my mother were diagnosed with Lipoedema last year we found huge benefits from receiving regular manual lymphatic drainage treatments. As good as that is, financially it just isn't possible for us to go weekly. So when the Hivamat was recommended to us a few months ago by a well-respected MLD therapist, we hadn't heard about deep oscillation therapy, and wanted to find out more.

Self Management with DEEP OSCILLATION® of Lipoedema and Fibromyalgia - "I purchased a Physiopod after seeing a demonstration at the Lipoedema Ladies Annual Meeting in 2013. I have both Lipoedema and Fibromyalgia and thought it could help with pain management...

Lynora Kennedy MLD UK, CDT, Vodder MLD Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist - Lynora is a well respected MLD Practitioner and Lymphoedema therapist who is the current administrator of MLD UK. She was one of the first MLD ladies to take on DEEP OSCILLATION® - A close friend of Sossi Yerissian who had "waxed lyrical" about DEEP OSCILLATION® so many times...Lynora had to have one!

Nina Blakemore felt amazing after her treatment - PhysioPod had the pleasure of meeting Nina Blakemore and her Mum back in 2013. Nina gave the following comment after her treatment.

Sharie Fetzer gives feedback on the DEEP OSCILLATION treatment received at Lipoedema UK Conference 2014 - “After spending a total of 4 days on my feet, 2 at the International Lymphoedema Framework Conference and 2 days running Lipoedema UK Conference and AGM, my legs were swollen and painful, so a session with a HIVAMAT 200® from Julie was wonderful.

Deep Oscillation Hire for Lipoedema Liposuction - After being diagnosed Lipoedema last year, a  fellow Lippy Sister recommended using Physiopod for MLD post surgery

Jill And The Discovery of Deep Oscillation for Lipo-Lymphoedema - Discovering Deep Oscillation for Lipo-Lymphoedema Please take some time out to read this important article. Jill developed symptoms at 12 years of age but was not diagnosed until she was 71.

Bruising in Lipo-Lymphoedema - Ladies living with Lipoedema and Lipo-Lymphoedema often experience multiple and frequent bruising; one of the many benefits of Deep Oscillation include its therapeutic effect of quickly reducing haematoma

How Did We Manage Without Deep Oscillation? A Patient Review - Leslie and Carole Allman, from Kent, describe how Deep Oscillation has helped with Lipo-Lymphoedema, Arthritis, Pressure Sores, Plantar fasciitis, COPD and the regular aches and pains of growing older.