2022 - World Lymphoedema Day (WLD) & Lymphoedema Awareness Week (LAW) Campaign

In 2022, our detailed campaign,  “Lymphoedema from Top-To-Toe included Self-Care tips from UK Lymphoedema experts. Campaign introduction from Gaynor Leech..


How time flies and we are here again.  Whose we? That is your truly representing L-W-O Community and Mary Fickling from PhysioPod UK Ltd. We are raring to go and do our bit for raising lymphoedema awareness. 

Before I move on, I want to reflect on last years’ campaign and what we achieved. We reached more people across the globe in 2021 than either of us could have imagined and at the heart of everything we did we put #patientempowerment and #community engagement.

This year’s aim is to strengthen the goals we set last year, and we have some of the Lymphoedema’s top community Practitioners writing and sharing their expertise with us.  Our theme this year is Lymphoedema from Top to Toe with our experts providing their self-care tips, we have case studies, testimonials, exercise videos, articles some with voice overs. I will be writing a blog everyday with my self-care tips and talking about the importance of lymphatic health with some of the challenges we face. Mary has produced amazing high-quality videos to compliment the information provided by our experts and has given a lot of time to researching our topics.


We are asking all of you who are part of the Lymphoedema community to share our posts so that we can reach patients, the public, clinicians, politicians, policy makers and health care providers.  Let us use Lymphoedema awareness week and world Lymphoedema day to show the world that

“Lymphoedema exists, we exist”.




Day One: Head and Neck Lymphoedema 

Day Two: Breast/Axilla/Chest Wall Lymphoedema

Day Three: Arm Lymphoedema 

Day Four: Genital Lymphoedema 

Day Five: Leg Lymphoedema

Day Six: Summary from Gaynor Leech