General Surgery Pre/Post

Never in the history of surgery aftercare has there been a therapy that could be applied Day One post surgically to help expediate the natural healing process. DEEP OSCILLATION® has made a positive and welcome change to surgical aftercare protocols. With DEEP OSCILLATION®, swellings and oedemas can be relieved pre- and postoperatively considerably faster than with conventional therapies. Because it can be used at an extremely early stage, wound healing processes are stimulated and accelerated, local inflammation is inhibited and pain is significantly reduced over a sustained period. Scar quality is improved. It is an ideal conjunct to routine surgery aftercare, e.g. in oncology,neurology and traumatology. Due to its gentle effect it is used as a first line therapy for conditions after e.g. transplantation, mastectomia, caesarean section, osteosynthesis, endoprosthesis

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"The Hivamat is somewhat more effective in improving blood flow than some of the other traditional modalities. It is especially helpful for relieving oedema or swelling. It also aids in stimulating stagnant chronic healing processes.   Used for breast cancer surgery aftercare it works wonderfully because it also increases lymph drainage, another huge benefit of this modality."

Patricia Boulet, Physiotherapist





OSTEOSYNTHESESIS (implanted pins/plates)  is not a contraindication for DEEP OSCILLATION®

When surgery has taken place and pins or plates have been implanted this is usually a contraindication for electrotherapy.  This is not a problem for DEEP OSCILLATION® as it does not heat the tissue.  It can be used very safely in these areas.







A recent study in this area concluded: The addition of DEEP OSCILLATION® to standard rehabilitation programme in patients with hip prosthesis lead to high acceptance with the therapy, very good results in the domains pain, mobility and flexibility. It is an effective therapy option for the acute postoperative situation.

Aliyev, R., Mikus, E.W.J., Reinhold, J.G (2008) Rehabilitation. Orthopadische Praxis 44, 9, 448-453.





Haematomas can be a problem after surgery, where an accumulation of blood under the tissues produces a solid swelling. When aspiration does not result in alleviation, large haematomas can require  further surgery. With DEEP OSCILLATION® haematomas are reabsorbed in a shorter period of time as was discovered by Marion after her husband had surgery for an inguinal hernia.



It is widely accepted that a therapy which can impact upon Lymphoedema, (a chronic, lifelong condition resulting in swelling in the tissues) is certainly a therapy worth evaluation, as DEEP OSCILLATION® is so highly effective for this condition, it stands to reason that it would be be effective in the post operative swelling situation.  With thanks to Physiomed North America Dr John Williams gave this report on his patients recovery time..

"This therapy decreases our patients' recovery time too by promoting the healing process and increasing the body's natural rate of recovery. DEEP OSCILLATION® is used as a treatment in a wide variety of post cosmetic procedures, is effective treatment of oedema (acceleration of lymph flow) and decreased bruising"  

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  • Applicable day one post operative DEEP OSCILLATION aides lymph drainage following breast cancer surgery

  • Implanted pins and plates are not a problem for the application of DEEP OSCILLATION therapy, as it is a non-thermal therapy.

  • Post Hip Prosthesis patients confirm that in very effective for pain, mobility and flexibility.

  • Picture One: Pre DEEP OSCILLATION Haematoma

  • Picture two - post healing of haematoma afer DEEP OSCILLATION therapy applied via the hands on method

  • DEEP OSCILLATION is clinically proven to significantly reduce pain resulting in less reliance on painkillers following surgery. Sossi Yerissian reported \"It is excellent on hard fibrotic tissues, I treat swelling and pain after knee and hip surgery and after all orthopedic surgery\"