Judith Spooner, Sports Therapist, puts pen to paper on a host of ailments cleared up with DEEP OSCILLATION

Pardon for the delay in sending this in but I have been waiting for the results to become clear on it's use in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome...

Good news is that it definitely improves and facilitates the reduction of symptoms in the hands, reducing the sensation of 'pins and needles' as well as the general aching pain experienced with the condition...

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What is even better news is that the Plantar Faciitis that my husband was experiencing in both feet was radically improved with just two seesions with the card you supplied to me. It's also worked wonders for two clients, both of them victims of bad falls, that were left with what I suspected was deep bruising in the shoulder joint. With one client the relief from the nagging pain in the shoulder resulted in him being able to produce a normal range of movement (NRM) by the end of the treatment session whereas at the beginning of the session he had approx only 60% NRM.

I have to admit, I love my PhysioPod because it can give fast relief to my clients from niggling aches and pains that manual massage alone can't resolve. It treats the main root cause of their pain, it's not simply suppressing a symptom of the soft tissue injury as painkillers do. It has such a wide range of applications, from recently sustained traumatic injuries to problems of many months (or even years) standing for some clients. As an added bonus, I find that I can benefit from it's therapeutic effects too when using it through my hands in a treatment session. Like many massage therapists, I've noted a few arthritic aches and pains creeping into my hands by the end of a busy day but by using the PhysioPod through my hands I find that the those aches and pains can be kept at bay.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Best regards,

Judy Spooner (also Canine therapist)