Julia Hazelwood, MLD UK, Vodder MLD Practitioner, Lymphoedema and Sports Therapist pens her thoughts on the use of DEEP OSCILLATION® at Bisham Abbey

"Working within a sports environment at Bisham Abbey, we are often exposed to athletes from a variety of disciplines, as well as general sports people. At the clinic we can be faced with rehab for chronic and acute injuries or general maintenance for pre/post sporting events...

...Dependent on what the client has come in for obviously determines treatment plan. If post event often the Hivamat is invaluable on tight lactic muscles, where light massage is beneficial and soothing, enabling accelerated recovery without being uncomfortable and sore. Added to this if a client is injured and in pain, the Hivamat encourages the reduction of inflammation at a faster rate than other manual techniques, reducing swelling far quicker than using other techniques. Not only does this allow faster route to rehab it also helps reduce the clients appointment visits, therefore reducing their personal costs. 

Overall along side Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Techniques and Sports Massage the Hivamat for the last 3 years has been a very important part of my treatments and often part of the referral process by fellow colleagues within the physiotherapy clinic" 


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