Complementary Therapy

Most of us view massage as a luxurious treat that we get on "away days" or holidays but in reality, the benefits of regular massages are fundamental to our long-term physical and mental well-being. When a general body massage is combined with DEEP OSCILLATION®, the body becomes completely and deeply relaxed within a relatively short period of treatment time (10-15 mins).

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DEEP OSCILLATION® gentle, non-invasive, relaxing massage can be applied all over the body and quickly improves circulation, thus allowing fresh oxygen to be pumped to the organs and the skin.  Nagging aches and pains reduce, tight tense muscles are relaxed, back/shoulder stress knots can be worked on without further pain being caused (a relief in itself for many!). 

Sleep during or following this type of massage is very easily achieved, especially since the arrival of the aptly nicknamed "Dozy Pad".  This is a soft plate electrode which is placed under the client's body.  A normal massage often results in a sleeping client, but with DEEP OSCILLATION® this happens very quickly, mental stresses and strains disappear as the mind and body welcomes the deep, rhythmic, low electrostatic impulses.  DEEP OSCILLATION® benefits from being applicable through a light dusting on non-allergen powder or standard body talcum powder making a relaxing lunchtime massage now possible, no oily clothing if returning to work!

DEEP OSCILLATION® is now a firm favourite amongst Complimentary Therapists who have welcomed the reduction of pressure of their own bodies whilst providing a very deep and effective massage for their clients.  DEEP OSCILLATION® now has a good reputation amongst therapists who are finding that this gentle, yet deep, therapy is resulting in far less effort, some even attribute DEEP OSCILLATION® to the reduction of arthritis in their own hands

Saving those hands..

John Hale from Overtones therapy was 71 at the time he rang PhysioPod, having just read the article in Massage World about the therapy.  It was the benefit of saving his hands but also providing a better treatment for his clients that drew him to the therapy. 

Physiopod asked John and Jane Hale recently for an update of their use of the therapy since taking on in June 2008.

"We started to introduce this amazing piece of equipment to clients old and new, through practice we developed our skills and now we have clients that only want the Hivamat DEEP OSCILLATION® Unit used on them. Our success stories are a musician with very tight pectoral muscles, a usual oil massage is just too painful for him, 80+ year old clients who find the Hivamat very soothing yet deep enough to ease their aches and pains. It is especially good on knees and shoulders; also a lady who suffered a stroke at a young age the Hivamat is assisting her with her recovery. We use the Hivamat Unit on one another to help ourselves! We believe Hivamat is the way forward for all sports and occupational injuries and for general relaxation it's a must"

DEEP OSCILLATION® is the perfect therapy to accompany other wellbeing therapies and is used in SPA's worldwide where relaxation is of paramount importance.  It can be used on long flights stimulating circulation and reducing swollen ankles and puffy eyelids. 

Many therapists in the UK now offer a DEEP OSCILLATION® head-to-toe package which includes a Consultation, 20 minutes DEEP OSCILLATION® back massage, 15 minutes DEEP OSCILLATION® face lift and a 15 minute hydrating ice mask, whist  enjoying this treatment a 15 minute foot massage is also offered.



  • Regular massage can be fundamental to our long-term physical and mental well-being

  • DEEP OSCILLATION relaxes patients within minutes

  • Regular massages with DEEP OSCILLATION take care of nagging aches and pains