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New Book Published on Lipoedema by Plastic Surgeon and Lipoedema Specialist Dr. Dominik v. Lukowicz

By Mary Fickling on Nov 30 2020. Dr. Dominik v. Lukowicz writes about the different treatment methods in his new book on Lipoedema with a view to enlightening, educating and helping those living with the chronic condition.

BJN Awards 2021: Nominations Open for Chronic Oedema Nurse/Team of The Year

By Mary Fickling on Nov 26 2020. Lipoedema UK are honoured to support these special awards together with British Lymphology Society, which present a wonderful opportunity to recognise nurses' hard work and dedication and commemorate their achievement and contribution to patient care. 

Burn Survivor Utilises Deep Oscillation Therapy in Self Care During Lockdown

By Mary Fickling on Nov 24 2020. This article is replicated with permission from 'Dan's Fund for Burns' Newsletter 2020. The full newsletter can be downloaded at the foot of this article. Polly (Miller) Brooks MBE, Charity Director wrote "Over 53 individual burn survivors have benefitted over the past 12 months, from grants large and small - assistance comes in many forms: transportation and parking costs, emergency funding to individuals who have lost everything, renting equipment and more. Donations make a difference to the lives of many burn survivors. A Deep Oscillation Therapy Machine was hired for Hannah who suffered a serious burn injury after an accident in August 2019"

Introducing the new Deep Oscillation Personal Pro features

By Mary Fickling on Nov 19 2020. Super to have received Physiotherapist enquiries from two of the UK's elite football clubs this week for the updated Deep Oscillation Personal Pro. Both guys are used to working with the therapy, having several devices in their back rooms.

The Telegraph report on painful (and often misdiagnosed) condition Lipoedema - 'the little-known condition that causes fat legs"

By Mary Fickling on Oct 29 2020. Following the revelation that Love Island celebrity, Shaughna Phillips, had been diagnosed with Lipoedema and has had liposuction to remove abnormal fat tissue from her calves, reporter Alice Hall researched further into the condition.

Zoe Pearce and The Lipoedema LIVE Interview on the BBC

By Mary Fickling on Oct 29 2020. It's not everyday you get to appear on LIVE television, we asked Zoe how it all came about..

BBC NEWS Interview on Lipoedema

By Mary Fickling on Oct 29 2020. Two young women provide very open interviews about Lipoedema, how it affects them and Liposuction as a treatment option, with comments from one of the UK's leading experts in Lipoedema, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Patron of Talk Lipoedema, Alex Munnoch. With thanks as always to Lipoedema UK and Talk Lipoedema for their unrelenting efforts to raise awareness and education of Lipoedema, helping women to get an early diagnosis and referral for treatment and for supporting so many women living with Lipoedema.

Deep Oscillation in Symptomatic Management of Sensory Neuronopathy and Breast Cancer Related Lymphoedema

By Mary Fickling on Oct 24 2020. On 1st September 2020, PhysioPod were contacted by Lucy Grubb, Dr Vodder Lymphoedema Practitioner from The Alison Rostron Treatment Centre with regard to an unexpected and additional benefit when treating a Lymphoedema patient in their care. Whilst implementing Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Deep Oscillation (DOT) in their treatment protocol for Lymphoedema, they also discovered DOT was helping to relieve symptoms of Sensory Neuronopathy (SN).

Distal Radius Fracture Healing Enhanced with Deep Oscillation

By Mary Fickling on Mar 24 2016. A good friend wrote to PhysioPod in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown with news "I've been in the wars!"

Effect of Sea Urchin Sting in Lower Limb Primary Lymphoedema and adjunctive Self Care with the Magcell Microcirc Device

By Mary Fickling on Sep 24 2020. The following article and patient photographic diary shows the healing of a wound using a combined treatment approach of initial standard care for wound healing: oral antibiotics, MLD DLT, laser and as an adjunct, a MAGCELL® MICROCIRC (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy), which was carried out by the patient at home between 17th March 2020 and 10th May 2020, for up to 30 minutes daily, with nightly self-bandaging and elevation of foot in the daytime when possible.