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Effect of Sea Urchin Sting in Lower Limb Primary Lymphoedema and adjunctive Self Care with the Magcell Microcirc Device

By Mary Fickling on Sep 24 2020. The following article and patient photographic diary shows the healing of a wound using a combined treatment approach of initial standard care for wound healing: oral antibiotics, MLD DLT, laser and as an adjunct, a MAGCELL® MICROCIRC (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy), which was carried out by the patient at home between 17th March 2020 and 10th May 2020, for up to 30 minutes daily, with nightly self-bandaging and elevation of foot in the daytime when possible.

Enhanced Recovery from Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery with DEEP OSCILLATION® Electrostatic Lymph Drainage

By Mary Fickling on Sep 17 2020. Deep Oscillation is a unique, internationally patented treatment method. Its special structure allows you to create biologically effective oscillations in the treated tissue using electrostatic attraction and friction. The gentle, pleasant oscillations have a deep-acting effect on all tissue components (skin, connective tissue, muscles, blood and lymph vessels). In contrast to externally applied mechanical forms of vibrational massage (which only act on the surface of the skin), deep oscillation works in the entire tissue layers, permeating a depth of 8 cm (Solangel, 2010), with clinically proven effects in the interstitial spaces of connective tissue structures, which is where we find the build of excess inflammatory matter and fluid post-surgery.

Justine Asghar: 'Delivering excellence with the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Pro' in Cheshire

By Mary Fickling on Sep 10 2020. Justine Asghar took on Deep Oscillation for her practice seven years ago, with the HIVAMAT 200. After reading the first PhysioPod NewsMagazine in August 2020, she wrote to PhysioPod to further enquire about the features and benefits of the Deep Oscillation Personal Pro and the added new features that had just been announced.

AQUA - A Medical Mystery - Created and Photographed by GEMMA LEVINE Published on 15 October 2020 at £15

By Mary Fickling on Sep 09 2020. PRESS RELEASE POINT: "AQUA is a unique and illuminating way for people to understand the lymphatic system. Each photograph is a different representation of water, accompanied by captions from Professor Peter Mortimer, Lymphatics expert at St George’s Hospital, London, to explain the biology behind the condition. All proceeds from book sales go to Lymphoedema research, in partnership with St George’s Hospital Charity. Foreword by PROFESSOR PETER MORTIMER MD FRCP, Preface by DAME JUDI DENCH, Endorsed by The Prime Minister BORIS JOHNSON"

Deep Oscillation included in treatment protocol helping soccer players Jorge Aparicio and Andrés Lezcano make the opening game of the Apertura 2020

By Mary Fickling on Sep 08 2020. Javier Salazar responsible for Jorge Aparicio and Andrés Lezcano arriving safely at the opening game of the Apertura 2020. The players were doubtful for the start of the tournament, since during the previous week they had muscular discomfort.

Non Invasive Treatment for Secondary Lymphoedema and Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

By Mary Fickling on Aug 27 2020. Background: Client is a 76-year-old female with Osteoarthritis, particularly affecting the left knee. A total knee replacement was carried out in January 2018 and the replacement took well. However, in April 2018, a non-pitting swelling developed in the operated leg, which was not draining overnight. A referral was made to the local Lymphoedema Services.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Guidelines for the Lymphatic Disease Community.

By Mary Fickling on Aug 24 2020. From the Lymphoedema Support Network and The Lymphatic Education & Research Network

Self care of Lymphoedema and Sinusitis with the Deep Oscillation Personal

By Mary Fickling on Aug 23 2020. Still going strong after 10 years, the Deep Oscillation Personal has become a permanent fixture in this lady's self care routine. She is also very pleased with the level of after care support provided: "I just wanted to say that the service you gave me was superb. You listened to the problems I had with my machine and gave excellent advice. The parts I ordered arrived the very next day, and now I am using my wonderful ‘new’ machine again"


By Mary Fickling on Aug 13 2020. Managing pain at home with the Deep Oscillation Personal Sports

Nicky Snazell International Pain Expert, Teacher and Author talks to Stray FM on The Health and Wellbeing Show

By Mary Fickling on Jul 09 2016. From Biologist to Chartered Physiotherapist, Nicky has managed large NHS Physiotherapy Clinics to owning and directing a team of staff in her own pain relief clinics in Harrogate and Stafford treating over 10,000 patients. In May 2016, Nicky won the prestigious "AACP Excellence in Patient Service Award". A leading name in healthcare, Nicky's questioning and somewhat 'controversial' opinions from an early age, ignited her passion to meet international pain gurus and she has travelled extensively. In these short interviews Nicky chats very naturally about her wholistic approach to treating patients in pain, which combines traditional hands on techniques with state-of-the-art treatment modalities including Shockwave & Magnetic Resonance Treatment to newly acquired and much loved DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy.