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GRANTS - A Round Up!

By Mary Fickling on Oct 20 2021.
The other day I was chatting to the delightful Rosemary Petch, Lymphoedema Specialist Private Practitioner, about grants that are available.

"Regrets in Life? Just The One - Delaying The Purchase of a Deep Oscillation Personal Unit for Lymphoedema Management"

By Mary Fickling on Oct 19 2021.
"I am 63 years old and recently retired. Just over 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with neck cancer when after a heavy cold I noticed a lump in my neck. I faced six months of treatment and in modern language, my journey began.... within weeks, my tonsils and wisdom teeth had both gone, in preparation for the chemotherapy and in late December I was admitted for surgery.

Dr Alison Merrick Comments - Lymphoedema Education and Recognition

By Mary Fickling on Oct 06 2021.
In our recent strand on "What Has Changed in 20 Years of Lymphoedema Management?" we asked Dr Alison Merrick for her thoughts..

National Diversity Awards - Gavin Neate Awarded “Entrepreneur of Excellence”

By Mary Fickling on Sep 29 2021.
By Mary Fickling, Self Care Champion and Co Director of PhysioPod UK Limited and PhysioEquipment

Deep Oscillation in The Management of Head and Neck Lymphoedema following Cancer Surgery

By Mary Fickling on Sep 17 2021.
"I am a 42 year old Emergency medicine doctor and mum of two young children. In the Summer of 2020, a sore patch on my tongue was diagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma and I had brutal treatment involving surgery followed by chemo and radiotherapy. After finishing treatment I was keen to do as much as possible to get well and return to work but had many side effects to contend with, one of which was lymphoedema to my face and neck. This was due to the combination of removal of my lymph nodes on one side plus the radiotherapy.

2001-2021: What Has Changed in 20 Years of Lymphoedema Management? Practitioner Feedback

By Mary Fickling on Sep 16 2021.
PhysioPod asked Sue Hansard, Lymphoedema Nurse Specialist of First Lymph Care for her opinions...

What Has Changed In 20 Years Of Lymphoedema Management:

By Mary Fickling on Sep 16 2021.
PhysioPod asked Christine Talbot SRN, Lymphoedema and Bowen Practitioner for her opinion..

Impaired Lymphatic Drainage and Interstitial Inflammatory Stasis in Chronic Musculoskeletal and Idiopathic Pain Syndromes: Exploring a Novel Mechanism 

By Mary Fickling on Aug 31 2021.
Download article and read Mary Simpson, Chartered Physiotherapists comments.


By Mary Fickling on Aug 31 2021.
With thanks to Dr. James Chiew, Chiropractor

Mary Fickling, Co-Director of PhysioPod UK Nominated as Self Care Champion

By Mary Fickling on Aug 27 2021.
"Earlier this month, I was both delighted and proud to be nominated as a Self Care Champion by Gaynor Leech of LWO Community. Gaynor is an inspiration in every aspect of self care, empowering those living with Lymphoedema with practical tips and imparting her wealth of knowledge to really help improve the quality of day to day life by taking care of physical and mental health.