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Deep Oscillation 'An Integrated Part of Treatments' by Nicky Snazell, Chartered Physiotherapist and International Pain Specialist

By Mary Fickling on May 06 2021.
"We have been using deep oscillation for the last five years, as a soothing hands-on interactive tool with manual physiotherapy skills, especially with dry needling. It’s now become an integrated part of our treatments.

Watch Chris Boynes Talk About DEEP OSCILLATION in MSK problems at Elite Sports Performance and Rehabilitation

By Mary Fickling on May 06 2021.
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is delighted to be hosting the 4th European Congress of the European Region of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy (ER-WCPT). PhysioPod® are delighted to have been invited to exhibit and demonstrate award winning DEEP OSCILLATION® to international delegates


By Mary Fickling on Apr 29 2021.
Results of an on-going case study from Christine Talbot, Lymphoedema and Bowen Practitioner

Lymphoedema Awareness Week and World Lymphoedema Day 2021 - Campaign Review by Gaynor Leech, LWO Community

By Mary Fickling on Apr 29 2021.
"With the Covid Pandemic it became clear in January 2021 that we would not be able to go out into the Community to educate, inform and raise awareness for Lymphoedema.  With Lymphoedema Awareness Week (LAW) in early March and World Lymphoedema Day (WLD) on the 6th March 2021 it meant that we could not take our campaign on the road.

Tennis Coach Finds Magcell Electrode Free Electrotherapy Easy and Effective

By Mary Fickling on Apr 27 2021.
"At the beginning of 2021, with no return date on the horizon to my job as a Tennis Coach, I decided to start running to keep my fitness levels up. I was running daily for around two months. The length of the runs ranged from 5/10k a day to 20k. I stopped a week before I returned to work on 27th March because I was noticing left knee pain (which I self-diagnosed as ‘runners’ knee’ (with the aid of Dr Google!). My symptoms matched those described, it was a sharp pain which worsened when running or walking downhill; the down force on the knee cap set the pain off. I stopped running to rest the knee hoping it would be okay for work as I can be on court up to 8 hours a day, sometimes 7 days a week.

Magcell Electrode-Free-Electrotherapy in Acute Injury Self Care

By Mary Fickling on Apr 26 2021.
I have Osteoarthritis, which causes mobility problems. Luckily, I am married to a joiner/carpenter who has been able to make/fix and adapt parts of our home to make it easier for me to get around.

Lymphoedema: The Deep Oscillation Personal Has Changed My Life

By Mary Fickling on Apr 24 2021.
Mrs H initially hired a Deep Oscillation Personal for six weeks between 4th November and 10th December 2020, thereafter extending the hire for a further four weeks. Mrs H was so impressed with the ease of use of the device and effectiveness, she made the decision to buy.

Great News from Panama

By Mary Fickling on Apr 22 2021.
Deep Oscillation finds a home in Panama City at Healing Your Body in the capable hands of Physiotherapist Kaysha Francis.