Guest Blogs

Lipoedema Legs - Cally's Story

By Mary Fickling on Dec 18 2020.
Lipoedema Legs - Cally's Story At 49 years of age, Cally Day, a fit and active lady living with Lipoedema, has been kind enough to share her story to raise much needed awareness of the condition and the importance of getting Lipoedema liposuction on the NHS. "From puberty, around the age of 12, I noticed that my calves were much larger than those of my peers. A few years after that, at secondary school, my peers began commenting on how my calves were impressively muscly.  I wasn’t impressed, I wanted slender legs like everyone else. By the time I was 17, my entire legs were larger than anyone I knew and I began to notice deep thick stretch marks behind my knees and down my calves. This was when GPs began to tell me to lose weight. A repetitive narrative that would continue to this day. I rode a bicycle for miles and miles daily, that's how we got around in our teens. Up until the age of 27, when I passed my driving test, I cycled everywhere. 

Lipoedema Legs - Cally's Story

BLS Virtual Conference 2020 - A Review from Gaynor Leech

By Mary Fickling on Dec 01 2020.
As a British Lymphology Society (BLS) member, I was thrilled to attend the first Virtual Conference in October of 2020.  In this challenging new world although not a new concept 2020 has seen more courses, webinars and conferences move online as organisations adapt to a new way of learning, promoting, and reaching their audience or customer base. 

Janet Scott - Living with Lipoedema

By Mary Fickling on Dec 01 2020.
"I remember as a little girl, going to those winter pantomimes…. I knew the local pretty girls on stage, dancing in their elegant costumes. One of them was in my year at school, so if she could do it, couldn’t I?... Then I looked at my legs (again) and thought…’No one would want these to spoil the performance!’

Happiness to work and using Deep Oscillation

By Mary Fickling on Nov 30 2020.
It was so lovely to get this update from Susan ...

Stop, ReThink, ReFresh, ReFocus: Therapist Thoughts 2020

By Mary Fickling on Nov 29 2020.
A Guest Blog from Wayne Ghosh of BodyAdvance; an inspiring gentleman with a totally positive take on life. Knocks are an opportunity, surrounding yourself with great people is a must and going into 2021 with a clinic that specialises in non or minimally-invasive therapies, well, this guy is certainly going places..

Andrew Watson Certified Athletic Therapist & Chartered Physiotherapist Reflects On Deep Oscillation in Clinical Practice

By Mary Fickling on Nov 01 2020.
Deep Oscillation Therapy (DOT), is an integral part of acute care programs offers outstanding results again and again, Andrew Watson 'cannot imagine his clinical practice without it'.

Tess  - "My story"...

By Mary Fickling on Oct 31 2020.
My given name is Teresa – now married to Robert-Michael Sanderson who some of you will have met as he follows (or drives me) around, helping out at different Lipoedema events. However, most people call me Tess nowadays.

Season's Greetings Cards for 2020

By Mary Fickling on Oct 13 2020.
Gemma Levine's 'Season's Greetings' cards which were designed by artists Rob & Nick Carter, are now running for a further year, having been a total success are now being reprinted. All proceeds going to Lymphoedema Research. Supported by Dame Judi Dench CH DBE All cards and books can be purchased by contacting St George’Hospital Charity, for Lymphoedema Research.

A Collection of Reviews for 'AQUA - A MEDICAL MYSTERY' - Photography by Gemma Levine with captions from Professor Peter Mortimer

By Mary Fickling on Oct 13 2020.
PhysioPod UK have been delighted to collate the reviews for this wonderful black and white photography book created by Gemma Levine in support of her charity work to raise awareness of Lymphoedema and Lymphoedema Research, with all proceeds of the book going to St George's Hospital Charity.

Hands-On-Treatments and COVID19: Making It Work For The Client and Me

By Mary Fickling on Sep 29 2020.
When  lockdown happened back in March, I was just one week away from retiring from the best job I have ever had. I had only been with Mary Ann Evans Hospice for four years, but after twenty two years in Lymphoedema management, I  now felt confident in my knowledge-base and skills. Finally, I believed in myself. That said, I have always believed in life-long learning and the specialism of Lymphoedema still excites me with research findings, new research projects and innovative approaches to help people living with lymphatic conditions.