Dead Leg

The following day the pain in my leg had disappeared and movement back to normal

NAME: Tom Wilson Fletcher

OCCUPATION: Mitsubishi Sales Executive

AGE: 24

1    What condition had you been diagnosed with/or what problems were you having?
I knew it was dead leg, I have had it before, the muscle bangs against the bone causing a tear in the muscle and it’s extremely painful!

2     What do you think caused this condition?
I was being tackled aggressively by a defender during a game and he kneed me in my upper left thigh. I had to stop play immediately and limped off pitch, went home and had a bath, probably the worst thing I could have done!

3     How long had you been suffering with this condition before a final diagnosis from your GP or other professional?
I did not consult a doctor because I have had this injury before and it has taken between 8-10 days to get right.

4    How did this condition affect your daily life?
I had restricted movement, couldn’t walk properly, especially in the showroom chasing customers! and up the stairs to admin.

5    How did you first hear about Therapeople?
Through a work colleague who had received treatment for an ankle injury.

6    How did you feel the website advertised the Hivamat therapy?
Very advanced technology

7 How did you originally make contact with Therapeople?
Rang Julie on her mobile.

8    How thorough did you find your initial consultation with Therapeople and how was this conducted?
Very good, knows her stuff.

9    What was your first impression of the treatment room in which your
treatment was carried out?
 I liked it, felt immediately at ease. Could have done with some Justin Timberlake music on!!

10    Please describe the sensation of the Hivamat therapy?
Vibrating sensation, very pleasant.

11    Please describe the effect of the treatment immediately after?
Vast immediate improvement

12    Please describe the effect of the treatment the next day and
subsequent days?
The next day I had much improved movement and less pain, the following day the pain in my leg had disappeared and movement back to normal, taking a week off the normal recovery of this injury for me. I was delighted.

13 Would you/have you recommended this treatment to anyone else?
Yes I certainly would. Know lots of footballers that get dead leg. Occupational hazard!

14    Will you return for treatment?
Yes but I hope not to get tackled in this way again!!

15    How did the treatment compare with other treatments you've had?
Not had any other treatments.

16    Do you feel you have received value for money?

17    On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the treatment you have