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In 2006, shortly after PhysioPod took on exclusive UK/Ireland distribution for DEEP OSCILLATION Mary Fickling began email exchange with Bodo Wisst, the former German Physiotherapist to the Peruvian Taekwondo National Team. Bodo had, for the last two years managed to successfully replicate the success he achieved with humans using DEEP OSCILLATION® in the Equine World.


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Living and working in Lima, Peru, Bodo evaluated and diagnosed horses in the same manner he would a human and then applied Deep Oscillation Therapy® to the horses via the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal.  The therapy now forms 80% of his treatment protocol.

After connecting himself to the unit via an electrode adhered to his arm, Bodo puts on special vinyl gloves. Using his hand and a large headed applicator, the therapy is transmitted through to the horse via gentle massage movements over the targeted area.When working on a horse, Bodo would use the fixed times that the unit is programmed with and if he has to treat 2 or 3 different parts of the horse he can be working continuously for 45 to 50 minutes; just changing the programme if the diagnosis for that area is different to the area he has just treated.  The horse cannot suffer any ill effects; firstly because the therapy is not thermal and secondly, the intermittent therapy does not electrically stimulate the horse or the human.When applied to humans, Bodo says that the vibrations of the therapy can be felt quite strongly in his hands and the applicator and that the therapy is much more intense over muscles than over bones. With horses the sensations are lighter but equally effective.

The horse problems Bodo would commonly treat with the unit are; traumatic, hips, arthritis, muscle spasm and injuries, tendonitis, preciosities and knee problems.  He can get results after 3/5 treatments but a bigger problem could be up to 10 treatments.  He had never experienced any problems with applying the therapy to horses and says that they are very relaxed throughout.  Other therapies that Bodo uses include stretching and traction of articulations.  He finds the "swellings" treatments on the unit and the "traumatic pain" treatment to be of great benefit when treating, also having good effect with the 30 minute "muscle ache" programme.  See Bodo Wisst in action

Julie Soroczyn MD, PhysioPod, treats Buggy a 26 year old 16'2 Palomino mare with DEEP OSCILLATION®

Based on the knowledge, pictures and video clippings of Bodo's use on horses, Julie Soroczyn, sports massage therapist and MD of PhysioPod™ UK Ltd became extremely interested to try it on horses for herself.  A unique opportunity arrived in the shape of a horse called Buggy, who was experiencing problems with her hind left leg, the Farrier,  Tom Arris was unable to shoe her safely anymore because of the difficulties he was having in lifting the leg for any period of time to go about his work.

Taking full advice and instruction from Bodo, Julie set about the task of treating Buggy with the owners full consent.  The owners were extremely pleased and provided this testimonial. The Farrier, also wrote a short note after his last visit, which also follows:

Extract from the letter from the owners Jacqui Padgett & Linda Franks: "Buggy had improved after the first treatment; she stopped stretching her leg out and walked normally bending her hocks.  Visitors to her also noticed that she was comfortable lying down in the sun again clearly not worrying about the pain anymore involved in getting up!  We also checked her walking in circles and found that she had little difficulty in turning left or right. This system appears ideal for equines due to it being a 'hands only' technique and no noises (none that were apparent to us!) and for nervous natured animals it is a non-invasive relaxing technique.  We are very grateful to Julie for her time and effort" To read more...

Farrier's Comments:

" The next time I visited Buggy I was pleased to see that her hind feet were in good condition, and amazed that she could pick her feet up! It was like turning the clock back 5 years! I understand that this improvement was achieved in just a few treatments, so I am looking forward to see how much better she will be with regular sessions. Tom Arris Dip.W.C.F. to read more

Gilliyan Carter-Morgan Equi-Therapy UK becomes the first equine therapist in the UK to discovers the effects of DEEP OSCILLATION®

Julie too was so impressed from the first session on Buggy that she asked a colleague, Gilliyan Carter-Morgan from Equi-Therapy UK if she would like to join her on the next visit.  Gilliyan is a Specialist Equine/Human Massage Therapist who works with treatments that include remedial massage, therapeutic Ultrasound and ice/heat therapies.  Gilliyan is a highly recognised provider of Equine Sports Massage Therapy and successfully evolved the 'Equine Massage Certificate' training programme to individuals in 2005 complimenting the already established 'Diploma in Equine Sports Massage'.  Gilliyan was excited to feel a difference in the horse's tissue in minutes of use and was happy to continue the 30 minute programme to Buggy's hip and leg.  She felt differences in the horse without having to perform her usual techniques that can involve a lot of strength and bodywork.

The following week Gilliyan acquired a DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal for herself and Julie received the following initial feedback:

"What can I say, the machine is amazing - the horse I treated on Sunday can bend right round to touch his quarters equally both sides!  On Saturday he couldn't even move his head let alone bend his neck....!  Great result.  I also treated his owners left arm, who can't believe the results!  I'm so pleased I took the time to see you last week..

"The two horses & one human that I've used it on so far have shown massive improvements.  The Irish Show jumping horse with the jarred shoulder had a fantastic lesson today & jumped out of his skin, the best in a long time.  His rider, Sue, has a much improved left arm with no pain or tightness felt since the treatment last Sunday, she just now wants her right arm treating to match!  And today I went to the Equine Spa at Flawborough where I treated a pony with severe lumbar issues & the improvement was instant.  He has had massage & acupuncture too but the result from the DOM was outstanding.."................

Under the supervision of veterinary surgeon, Matthew Barlow of Home Farm Equine, Nottinghamshire & Emma Hawthorne of Flawborough Equine & Hydrotherapy Centre, Nottinghamshire DEEP OSCILLATION® Therapy was used on everything from tendon strains to haematomas, post-op surgeries & scar tissue, the results were outstanding. Horses responded extremely well to this form of therapy, even those that seem fearful of clippers had no issue with DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy.  Owners have seen swellings reduce with only one application & even splints have been successfully dispersed.  The therapy has been extremely beneficial in the rehabilitation of tendon injuries with impressive results in a matter of weeks.

Click here to read the press release issued by Gilliyan Carter-Morgan after months of intense equine use

CANINE treatments followed with Gilliyan Carter-Morgan...

With the success of her equine treatments using DEEP OSCILLATION® Gilliyan now offers the same therapy for dogs after she was approached in 2009 by Jackie Siddy (client) whose dog was suffering with scoliosis of the spine.  Both Jackie & her veterinary surgeon were very keen for Gilliyan to use the DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy.  The results were truely amazing.....

School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences, Nottingham Trent University, Brackenhurst complete and present study..

PhysioPod™ UK Ltd soon realised that DEEP OSCILLATION® was actually very effective for horses and so commenced discussions with Lyn Hopegood at Nottingham Trent University.  Lyn was keen to start a study regarding the physiological effect the therapy has on horses.  The following study has just been presented as a Poster at the 8th International Conference on Equine Exercise Physiology 7th - 12th October in South Africa.  Lyn is very happy to talk to others about the study and effects.

Lyn Hopegood : Physiological Effects of Massage and DEEP OSCILLATION®on the Horse See Poster Presentation

Central Horse News (October 2010) cover DEEP OSCILLATION® combined with MLD for equine

To read latest article in Central Horse News click here


Many UK equine/canine therapists have followed in Gilliyan's footsteps and below you can read some of the results. 

Gloria Leverett trained as a McTimoney Chiropractor and qualified in 1998. After 10 years in practice Gloria re-registered as an Osteomyologist  (bone, muscle and nerves). Gloria also has a post graduate diploma in the manipulation of animals and specialises in horses and dogs. Gloria began using in July 2010 Gloria writes below about her experience of DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy.

"I initially bought the Physiopod because my mare sustained a suspensory ligament injury. She had been scanned and the left hind suspensory had a split half way down, she was very lame. As soon as the Pod arrived I started treating her twice a day on the Sports programme for ruptured ligaments" read more

Carly Olliffe ESMT Dip, Cert ST, uses DEEP OSCILLATION® and covers Herts, Beds, Bucks and Northants To Contact Carly,

Read full note from her Client Caroline Swanson, Centre Owner and Director of Equine Tranquility Ltd having had treatment herself before getting treatment for her elderly horses...

I would recommend anyone who has long term pain take a little time out to give this treatment a trial. I would also recommend it for horses as it is both soothing, but most importantly, it works!"

In 2009 Stef Watts of your4legs added DEEP OSCILLATION® to her services.  She completed an Equine Sports Massage Diploma with Mary Bromiley in April 2007 after attaining an ITEC Diploma in Human Massage.  She has found DEEP OSCILLATION® to be a very effective therapy, coupled with McTimoney Animal Manipulation and Equine Gaite Analysis.  The following canine testimonial was received following DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment.  Her client gave this feedback to DEEP OSCILLATION® treament.

"In January 2010, our giant schnauzer, Zeus, decided, as he was feeling so well, that he wouldattempt a jump from the middle to the bottom of our stairs! Unfortunately he fell awkwardly and hurt his back muscles. Read more

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  • Bodo demonstrates in Peru, the horse is clearly relaxed..

  • Varying sized applicator heads ensure easy application to different areas.

  • Vinyl, not latex, gloves are worn for the application of DEEP OSCILLATION, although the electrostatic waves are not felt as strongly with equine as with human (because of hair) the results are the same. Haematomas have disappeared while treating.

  • Close up showing the applicator 5 cm head at work, heads are covered with cling film to protect the membrane and keep hygienic.

  • Gilliyan has taught many equine therapists and horse owners how to get the best out of DEEP OSILLATION and now offers training in Nottingham and includes DEEP OSCILLATION in her Equine Sports Massage Diploma courses.

  • Gilliyan Carter Equi-Therapy UK was the first equine therapist in the UK to discovers the effects of DEEP OSCILLATION, it became apparent very quickly that it was also suitable for the canine world too, picture shows Gilliyan working on Rottweiler.

  • Gilliyan shows the way to work with horses and dogs; one gloved hand, one applicator, the unit sits in a belt around the waist enabling free and easy movement around the horse.

  • Bodo Wisst, Physiotherapist, applies DEEP OSCILLATION to horse in Peru following effective treatment with his atheletes and duplicates the success for equine

  • Bodo evaluates the horse and chooses the appropriate condition from the scroll menu of the DEEP OSCILLATION PERSONAL SPORTS

  • Now running approved CPD courses and workshops in DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy for equine. Gilliyan H Carter-Morgan Call