Tennis Elbow

Beneficial with recommended exercises given.

NAME: Withheld

OCCUPATION: Accountant

AGE: 50

1    What condition had you been diagnosed with/or what problems were you having?
Tennis elbow (both arms).

2     What do you think caused this condition?
Heavy D.I.Y.

3     How long had you been suffering with this condition before a final diagnosis from your GP or other professional?
Nearly 10 months.

4    How did this condition affect your daily life?
Unable to use keyboard.

5    How did you first hear about Therapeople?

6    How did you feel the website advertised the Hivamat therapy?
Point to point

7 How did you originally make contact with Therapeople?

8    How thorough did you find your initial consultation with Therapeople and how was this conducted?
Very thorough with explanations

9    What was your first impression of the treatment room in which your
treatment was carried out?
Relaxing & professional outlook.

10    Please describe the sensation of the Hivamat therapy?
Smooth electronic shock waves

11    Please describe the effect of the treatment immediately after?
Relaxing pain, and finished with cool gel.

12    Please describe the effect of the treatment the next day and
subsequent days?
Improved blood circulation with more movement.

13 Would you/have you recommended this treatment to anyone else?

14    Will you return for treatment?

15    How did the treatment compare with other treatments you've had?
Beneficial with recommended exercises given.

16    Do you feel you have received value for money?

17    On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the treatment you have