Chronic back pain quickly treated by NRS Sports Therapy with DEEP OSCILLATION®

"I have been off work for the past four months with a back injury, I went to my GP who examined me and put me on tablets and said it should settle down in 3-4 weeks. As I was still in pain I went back to my GP and he said that I needed some physiotherapy, I had 6 sessions, all to no avail. I was then sent for an MRI scan at the hospital. My doctor got the MRI results and then sent me to a Spinal Specialist, by this time I had to buy a pair of crutches as the pain was so intense I couldn't walk properly.

...I waited 8 weeks to see the Spinal Specialist, I was in the room for an hour and finally words to me were “I don't really know what is wrong with you". I went straight back to my GP and told him what he had said, and then said I wanted something doing about it now.

I was given NRS Sports Therapy telephone number and I called on Thursday (11/04/2013). Neil answered the phone, I told Neil my symptoms and I was booked in for treatment on Friday (12/04/2013). I was made very welcome on arrival. I had a one session of massage with the latest technology equipment DEEP OSCILLATION® and was told by Neil he would fix me in one treatment. I first thought, no way, after being in pain for 4 months, but true to his word after just one session, I got up off the table and was pain-free and walking again without crutches.

I cannot thank Neil enough for what he has done for me and I highly recommend giving Neil a call if you are suffering with pain.

Thanks to Neil, I now have my life back and intend making the most of it" 



Paul, Chesterfield.


  • Chronic back pain had led Paul to be off work for four months, DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment with Neil at NRS Sports Therapy was a revelation.

  • DEEP OSCILLATION permeates an 8cm depth through all tissue layers working significantly on pain yet it's gentle application is pleasant and relaxing bringing about a speedy return to normal activities.