Mortons Neuroma

Simon contacted PhysioPod™ UK Ltd looking for help with a Morton's Neuroma that had developed in his foot. After regular self treatment with the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS he has avoided the suggested surgery to remove it.

"I first came across the Physiopod whilst browsing the web, looking for a solution after being diagnosed with a massive Moreton's Neuroma in my foot. The consultant had told me that the nerve sheath had thickened due to excessive build up of scar tissue and that the only option I had was to have the damaged nerve surgically removed. That was an option I was reluctant to take.

I saw that the Physiopod had a setting for treating Fibrosis/Scar tissue and I contacted Mary and Julie. They felt confident the device could help and that I could trial the device for a month and, if I was not happy, I could return it and only be charged a month's rental.

I found the treatment very easy to apply - giving a light and not unpleasant vibrating sensation which you can feel going quite deep. You can apply treatment as often as you want and there are no unpleasant side-effects.I decided pretty quickly that I would not be returning the device after the trial period.

After prolonged use I can feel that the neuroma has dramatically reduced and will hopefully be eliminated in the near future. I've also used it for many more minor ailments, including lower back pain, a strained wrist and shoulder. My wife has also used it to treat a knee complaint that she sometimes gets.

Mary and Julie have given me great after-sales support, providing tips and quickly answer any questions I had. I've had no qualms in recommending this product to a couple of friends of mine".