Back To Work After Two Weeks DEEP OSCILLATION® Treatment For Trapped Nerve Between Shoulder Blades

A Thank You Note from Chris

"At the beginning of this year, after walking home from a party, I woke up the following morning with excruciating pain in my neck and back. After visiting the Doctors, I was given painkillers and exercises to do, which were pointless, as I was in agony just to walk. My next move was to contact a local Osteopath, who diagnosed it as a trapped nerve between my shoulder blades. He gave me various treatments and exercises, which helped slightly, but not enough to get me back into my normal fit state or fit enough to get back to work; I’m self-employed, so no work equals no money.

I eventually contacted Julie Soroczyn from PhysioPod for some DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment, as my wife had used this great equipment for a frozen shoulder and sciatica in the past, it did wonders for her and completely cured both conditions. After using the equipment on my shoulder and back for just two weeks,  I am now back to my normal fit self and able to get back to work. Julie taught
my wife how to apply the therapy through gloved hands.

Thank you again Julie Soroczyn at PhysioPod."





do explanation

  • DEEP OSCILLATION offers a non-invasive, clinically proven treatment option to reduce pain and inflammation enabling the patient to perform the exercises they require for rehabilitation to take place