Rebecka Blenntoft BLS, MLD UK, CDT, Vodder MLD Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist

Rebecka had the opportunity recently to visit Dr Max Leibl at Charite Hospital where DEEP OSCILLATION® is used extensively in their Lymphoedema Clinic. Rebecca reports the findings below of her varied use of DEEP OSCILLATION®

"I find the most interesting thing about my MLD work is that I seem to have a much wider variety of patients than strictly lymphoedema, so I use DO possibly in more ways than most MLD practitioners. Due to my background in equestrianism, I treat a lot of rider injuries (bruising, contusions, fractures, RSI, dislocations, etc) but also older riders of fifty plus who are now suffering from arthritis, stiffness, etc. Also a few hip and knee replacements, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow type thing. I find (as I am sure all MLD therapists do) that using DO on lymphatic patients with protein fibrosis extremely beneficial. I find that with injuries, people love the feeling they get with a special German machine to help them (psychological advantage to start) and then they also feel that joints and injured areas free up a lot quicker, feel "lighter" and most importantly generally stays feeling better for longer than with just conventional MLD"

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