Knots in upper back and neck

I felt very calm and relaxed and relieved of pain.

NAME: Withheld


AGE: 24

1    What condition had you been diagnosed with/or what problems were you having?
I have always had a lot of knots in my upper back and neck area.

2     What do you think caused this condition?
Leaning over a desk everyday has probably caused this and sometimes stress adds to this.

3     How long had you been suffering with this condition before a final diagnosis from your GP or other professional?
I haven’t had any formal diagnosis but I have had these knots for a few years

4    How did this condition affect your daily life?

5    How did you first hear about Therapeople?
In a Nottingham magazine “EXPOSED”

6    How did you feel the website advertised the Hivamat therapy?
The website was very informative and the diagram helped to explain how the process worked. I think you have to have the treatment though to fully experience it!

7 How did you originally make contact with Therapeople?
I telephoned

8    How thorough did you find your initial consultation with Therapeople and how was this conducted?
I was talked through Hivamat technology and how it worked so the consultation made me feel comfortable and prepared for the massage treatment

9    What was your first impression of the treatment room in which your
treatment was carried out?
Very relaxing atmosphere, I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in.

10    Please describe the sensation of the Hivamat therapy?
It was a very strange sensation, something I haven’t felt before but it was a wonderful experience. It felt like it was hitting deeper than a standard massage would

11    Please describe the effect of the treatment immediately after?
I felt very calm and relaxed and relieved of pain.

12    Please describe the effect of the treatment the next day and
subsequent days?
I felt any knots I had had disappeared.

13 Would you/have you recommended this treatment to anyone else?
I would definitely recommend this to other people. Work colleagues/friends etc.

14    Will you return for treatment?
If I can afford it, yes.

15    How did the treatment compare with other treatments you've had?
It felt more intense than any other massage I have had before.

16    Do you feel you have received value for money?
Yes, definitely wasn’t a rip off.

17    On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the treatment you have