Tennis Elbow

I have been recommending this treatment to friends and almost everyone I meet. To me it is a miracle cure.

NAME: Withheld

OCCUPATION: Dental Practice Manager

AGE: 50

1    What condition had you been diagnosed with/or what problems were you having?
I was diagnosed with 'Tennis Elbow' after suffering months of pain in my left elbow.

2     What do you think caused this condition?
I am convinced I got this condition through carrying heavy shopping bags.

3     How long had you been suffering with this condition before a final diagnosis from your GP or other professional?
Before I found out it was 'Tennis Elbow I had been suffering for about 18months.

4    How did this condition affect your daily life?
It really didn’t affect my life but I did encounter a lot of pain at times.

5    How did you first hear about Therapeople?
Through a friend who had been treated.

6    How did you feel the website advertised the Hivamat therapy?
I thought the website was very informative and gave me all the information I wanted to know.

7 How did you originally make contact with Thera-people?
I telephoned to make an appointment

8    How thorough did you find your initial consultation with Therapeople and how was this conducted?
I was given a full assessment by the Therapist that I had not been given when I saw my own GP.

9    What was your first impression of the treatment room in which your
treatment was carried out?
I booked my appointment after a busy day at work. When I arrived at Therapeople I was most impressed by the relaxing atmosphere, everywhere was clean and bright. The staff were so welcoming all this made me feel very much at ease.

10    Please describe the sensation of the Hivamat therapy?
It is hard to say but the sensation I encountered through having this therapy was one of total relaxation.

11    Please describe the effect of the treatment immediately after?
For the first couple of days afterwards my “tennis elbow” felt pain free for the first time in a very long time.

12    Please describe the effect of the treatment the next day and
subsequent days?
Since I have had this treatment I have suffered no pain and am very happy.

13 Would you/have you recommended this treatment to anyone else?
I have been recommending this treatment to friends and almost everyone I meet. To me it is a miracle cure.

14    Will you return for treatment?
At the moment I am attending the hand clinic at my local health centre as I have been diagnosed with 'Carpel Tunnel Syndrome’ if the injections I have just been administered don't work I am going to make an appointment for Therapeople to treat me.

15    How did the treatment compare with other treatments you've had?
The treatment was wonderful; it was so much better than having to take anti-inflammatory drugs.

16    Do you feel you have received value for money?
Yes very good value for money.

17    On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the treatment you have
On a scale of 1 to 10 I would say 10