Breast feeding problems resolved

Carol really wanted to breastfeed, it meant a lot to her, but Mastitus was make it impossible, she turned to DEEP OSCILLATION® to assist...

"After giving birth to a wonderful baby boy on the 4 /1/09 all I wanted to do was to be able to breastfeed, this was not possible with my other children due to mastitis.

During my pregnancy I asked the midwife if it would be possible due to past experience and now at my ripe old age of 45.I was assured that with support from the midwife and a support worker that this would be possible. After the birth, in my mind I was prepared but their were a few complications, my son was born with a condition called tongue tie which makes it very difficult for the baby to latch on to the breast with having a short tongue, it also left my breasts cracked and very sore.

Luckily for me I have a friend that works with a therapy called Deep Oscillation, I had explained about how my breasts were filling up and ducks being blocked and the pain I was in and also the nipples were extremely painful making it impossible for me to feed. She offered to give me a hands-on treatment and leave a personal deep oscillation unit with a postpartum therapy card for self-treatment. After the first treatment the relief in my breasts was phenomenal, it had eased the pain to nil and the nipples felt better. I continued in self-treatment with advice from the therapist for a week and in that short time I was able to breast feed my son and also include the bonding process. I would not have been able to breast feed without this machine and the advice given. Happily now 9 weeks later I am breast-feeding my son with great ease and no pain, my nipples are also back to normal. I would advice anyone who is struggling with breast feeding to look into this therapy, as not only does it save money buying formula milk, it bonds the baby and mum and also gives the baby a healthier start in life"

Carol Henini