" I would just like to share my positive experience with DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment for an osteoarthritic hand...

.. Having being told by my GP that really there is no treatment for the Osteoarthritis in my hand (apart from daily painkillers), I remembered having DEEP OSCILLATION® for the injured tendon in my ankle about three years ago and how the treatment really helped. So I contacted a lovely lady called Julie at PhysioPod™ UK Ltd.  Julie gave me lots of very useful information and offered me treatments.  After only 3 days I noticed an improvement, not only with the pain, but with the mobility too. I am very impressed and will continue to use Julie in the future. Best Regards E.Richardson

  • The main symptoms of osteoarthritis include pain and stiffness in the joints. Sufferers may have difficulty moving the affected joints or doing certain activities. DEEP OSCILLATION therapy is proven to help with pain and inflammation, improving mobility.