John and Jane Hale, Overtones, Complimentary and Sports Therapists, Peterborough

John read about DEEP OSCILLATION® in MASSAGE WORLD, in the featured article entitled MAGIC HANDS (May 2008), he picked up the phone and ordered a unit, John and Jane had training in Nottingham with Julie and they have never looked back,

John Hale from Overtones therapy was 71 at the time he rang PhysioPod, having just read the article in Massage World about the therapy.  It was the benefit of saving his hands but also providing a better treatment for his clients that drew him to the therapy. 

Physiopod asked John and Jane Hale recently for an update of their use of the therapy since taking on in June 2008.

"We started to introduce this amazing piece of equipment to clients old and new, through practice we developed our skills and now we have clients that only want the Hivamat Deep Oscillation Unit used on them. Our success stories are a musician with very tight pectoral muscles, a usual oil massage is just too painful for him, 80+ year old clients who find the Hivamat very soothing yet deep enough to ease their aches and pains. It is especially good on knees and shoulders; also a lady who suffered a stroke at a young age the Hivamat is assisting her with her recovery. We use the Hivamat Unit on one another to help ourselves! We believe Hivamat is the way forward for all sports and occupational injuries and for general relaxation it's a must"


John Hale