Patient Treatment Diary: 16 days of DEEP OSCILLATION for Plantar Fasciitis

"I have been struggling for nine months with Plantar Fasciitis and the pain has been getting considerably worse, I went to see my GP for some advice or treatment, but the first appointment available to see a specialist was in a minimum of four weeks. I contacted PhysioPod, as I am friends with both Mary and Julie, the Directors and Sisters who live nearby and they were able to offer me treatment very quickly."




17 February 2017


Diary of Treatment:


Day One

Julie came to my house, went over my medical history and checked contraindications, all was okay to go ahead.  She gave me a lengthy treatment and by the end of it I could walk with hardly any pain in my foot. The treatment though, did stir up my lymphatic system a bit (as Julie had mentioned could happen) I felt ever so slightly nauseous but this resolved quickly with plenty of water. Julie kindly left a unit with me to use as self treatment using the hand held applicator.

Day Two

Thirty minutes’ treatment, foot felt much better.

Day Three

Thirty minutes’ treatment, able to walk to the shops.

Day Four

Thirty minutes treatment my foot was starting to feel slightly sore around my ankle, a burning pain but not in my heel. Julie explained this could happen, she said "trapped matter was on the move!"

Day Five

Thirty minutes’ treatment feeling very sore, I think that the machine is really starting to move something.

Day Six

Thirty minutes' treatment, when I got out of bed I managed to walk for the first time without pain or a limp.

Day Seven

Thirty minutes treatment everything is fine.

Day Eight

Thirty minutes treatment, foot felt great, but I took the dog for a long walk. My foot was painful at the nighttime; perhaps I walked a bit too far.

Day Nine

Thirty minutes feeling fine again, so much better

Day Ten

Thirty minutes treatment walking fine.

Day Eleven

No treatment ran out of time.

Day Twelve

No treatment as I felt unwell (nothing to do with the machine)

Day Thirteen

Thirty minutes treatment my foot feels so much better, the rest on Sunday may have helped

Day Fourteen

Thirty minutes treatment walked the dog around the park, and had no pain whatsoever.

Day Fifteen

Thirty minutes treatment, on my feet all day slightly sore in the evening.

Day Sixteen

After the final thirty minutes treatment, I was walking fine, able to wear flat shoes again without any pain


All in all, the treatment has reduced the pain from the Plantar Fasciitis and made walking for me so much easier, I would recommend the use of The Deep Oscillation machine and of the treatment by PhysioPod without reservation,

Thank you for a first class job done with understanding and a high level of skill and professionalism.


Elaine Kenney


29 March 2017


Dear Mary, I attended the Podiatry Clinic today, I told the Podiatrist that I had been using the PhysioPod for two weeks and that it helped me a great deal with the pain and the swelling of my Planter, I gave him all the information about the machine, and he said that he would look at it later, but was impressed as to how it had worked for me. The Podiatrist also gave me a series of exercises for my Achilles Tendon and a set of insoles for my shoes.


Elaine Kenney



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