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Lymphoedema of head and neck - self management with the DEEP OSCILLATION Personal Sport

By Mary Fickling on Jul 14 2014.
Following surgery and radiation treatment Orna's lymphatic system had become compromised, her MLD DLT Lymphoedema Practitioner, Monica Conway, recommended she purchase a DEEP OSCILLATION Personal to help with daily self management.

The Special Parent's Handbook by Yvonne Newbold

By Mary Fickling on Jul 08 2014.
Yvonne Newbold is the Author of a practical, hands-on manual for parents with children with disabilities, based on her own experiences as a mother to 3 young people with difficulties; it's packed full of tips, tricks and strategies learned the hard way. Yvonne also facilitates workshops for, and gives talks to parents and organisations working with these children.

Paul Smith, Head of Medical of Bury FC Confirms DEEP OSCILLATION Reduces Footballer 'Return To Play' Times

By Mary Fickling on Jul 04 2014.
Paul Smith reports on how DEEP OSCILLATION, non-invasive electrostatic massage therapy applied through gloves or applicators has changed the way he treats acute and sub acute injuries, effectively reducing player recovery time

Hamstring Tear: Paul Smith, Head Physiotherapist of Sheffield Wednesday FC reports a 50 percent reduction in healing time of a Grade 2 Hamstring Tear

By Mary Fickling on Jul 04 2014.
PhysioPod are delighted to receive this feedback from SWFC. In recent months, several clubs have confirmed acute healing success and for speedy post match recovery.

At the invitation of Prof Hildegard Wittlinger PhysioPod will demonstrate DEEP OSCILLATION at Sept Vodder Review Courses

By Mary Fickling on Jun 18 2014.
PhysioPod will attend on Sunday 7th September and Monday 8th September 2014 to display and discuss the DEEP OSCILLATION® range of products, which are used for the care and management of Lymphoedema and Lipoedema.

DEEP OSCILLATION® Intermittent Electrostatic Massage Therapy “MAKING WAVES IN PHYSIOTHERAPY”

By Mary Fickling on May 19 2014.
An excellent receipe for early rehabilitation success, which can be applied immediately after injury, or day one post operatively to boost the natural healing process.

It's Time To Listen To Your Hands..

By Mary Fickling on May 19 2014.
And Time To Discover DEEP OSCILLATION® (DOT) - A Must Read For All Practitioners Using Massage As A Regular Part Of Treatment Protocols

International Trade Fair Düsseldorf, Germany 12 - 15 Nov 2014

By Mary Fickling on May 05 2014.
PhysioPod UK Limited are delighted to announce their attendance MEDICA 2014 the International Trade Fair, Düsseldorf, Germany 14. PhysioPod will be on stand with PHYSIOMED at the 45rd World Forum for Medicine, MEDICA 2014, which will be held in Düsseldorf/ Germany from November 12th-15th 2014

Lipoedema FAQ'S has been prepared following requests from sufferers and UK healthcare professionals responsible for Lipoedema care

By Mary Fickling on Apr 17 2014.
DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy, a gentle, yet deeply effective therapy is becoming popular for the treatment and maintenance of Lipoedema applied via MLD Therapist to patient and as self management. It is hoped that all the questions and answers below will help interested parties make an informed decision about whether the therapy is suitable for them. For more information, please contact, PhysioPod UK on or call them directly on 0115 9167 685 or 0788 692 5715.

Breast Care Nurse at Memorial Hospital Darlington receives a HIVAMAT 200 from funds raised by the ladies of the local lymphoedema support group.

By Mary Fickling on Mar 11 2014.
PhysioPod were delighted to be contacted by Margaret Stapler in the Autumn of 2013. Members of her Lymphoedema Support Group had raised funds to buy Susan Bartle, Breast Care Nurse her own HIVAMAT 200 following a demo to the group provided by fellow Lymphoedema Therapist, Pamela de Chaumont-Rambert from Dales Therapy.