Deep Oscillation Hire for Lipoedema Liposuction

After being diagnosed Lipoedema last year, a  fellow Lippy Sister recommended using Physiopod for MLD post surgery

Good Morning everyone

It was lovely to receive this note today from Joanne, who just returned a Deep Oscillation Personal device on hire for pre and post lipoedema liposuction.

Julie and I first learned of lipoedema back in 2009, two years after we started the business, when Lynora Kennedy wrote about the treatment results using Deep Oscillation (Hivamat 200) on a lady with lipo-lymphoedema. Lynora was the 2nd lady in the UK to invest in Deep Oscillation via the Hivamat 200 (now replaced with the Deep Oscillation Personal Pro.

"I became very excited after working on a client who has lipo-lymphoedema. As many MLD Therapists will know, this condition can be exasperating, not just for the client, but for the therapist too, as improvement in the condition can take a long time.

I have been seeing Mrs. M for some years, doing twice-yearly, 10 day CDT treatments as well as monthly treatments. She is very compliant and keeps the bandaging on between the daily CDT appointments. The results have been OK, but nothing outstanding - until I used the Hivamat 200. I wouldn't go so far as to say it 'revolutionised' her treatment, but something pretty close! She enjoyed the treatment immensely and found it profoundly relaxing (she has a very stressful job and is the carer for a family member, so she is physically tired most of the time). The volume loss was quite spectacular for lipoedema, and she was able to go into over-the-counter compression tights for the first time in about 25 years. This is maintaining, 15 months on from the first Hivamat treatment. I see her every third week, and have managed one 10 day CDT session with her this year; volume loss was measured in the hundreds, rather than tens, of millilitres. Her pain levels are negligible, and her general health has improved too."

Over the years, we have formed some wonderful friendships within the lipoedema community, both nationally and internationally, which continue to this day. We also have excellent relationships with the MLD Therapists who have invested in Deep Oscillation to enhance their MLD and who play a huge part in helping ladies manage this chronic condition. They are listed in part of our therapist map here

Many ladies living with Lipoedema have now invested in a unit for daily self management of pain, bruising, the oedema element if present, and to achieve a feeling of lighter legs..

In recent years, ladies have started to hire a unit for pre lipoedema liposuction to prepare the tissue and break down any fibrosis, making for easier cannula extraction of fat and for early post lipo care, reducing pain, bruising and swelling with less complications.