Susan M Fishwick MFHT CNHC Registered Complementary Healthcare Practitioner provides therapist feedback of her use of the HIVAMAT® 200

An experienced and well-respected healthcare professional, Susan Fishwick introduced HIVAMAT® 200 therapy with great care to her regular clients, believing that a 'word-of- mouth' approach based on 'results' would be the best way forward.

  • Susan is obtaining "immediate" benefit with the therapy and where clients have booked a course of treatments she has seen significant results.

  • Susan M Fishwick MFHT CNHC Reg Complementary Health Practitioner applies HIVAMAT 200 therapy to her patient via gloved hands delivering electrostatic impulses to an 8cm depth without the need to apply pressure.

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Feedback From Susan

Generally the conditions I have come across through my practice are mostly associated with general wear and tear and include areas of the back, around the hip joints, the shoulders, knee and ankle. In some cases inflammation has been evident as a result of over use or injury. I am also keen to apply HIVAMAT® 200 therapy specifically to arthritic joints to see what results we can achieve. So far I have used the HIVAMAT® 200 as part of massage therapy as it is a very gentle yet effective therapy that enhances the treatment. Several people have 'had a go' and felt some immediate benefit. Others have booked a course of treatments and here we have seen more significant results.

I have in my records the following post-treatments notes:
A retired gentleman whom I see regularly was awaiting a GP referred physiotherapy appointment because of pain in his neck and shoulders, he was in a lot of discomfort and living off painkillers. He rang to ask if I could fit him in for a HIVAMAT® 200 session which I did.  He was so impressed with the result, that he rang a few days later and asked for a back-up session and said he had been free of painkillers since his first session.
The second note is another lady I see regularly and she has had on-going problems with her knee. We gave the HIVAMAT® 200 a go and she sent me a text to say 'knee was very much more flexible, not so locked and stiff, which must be due to reduction in swelling, so a success I believe'.
Lastly, I would like to say that I have found PhysioPod™ UK Ltd, the sole UK and Ireland agents for the HIVAMAT® 200 to provide excellent back up and support."


Testimonial from client seen at




Achilles Tendon

My achilles tendon was painful and swollen. It was not responding to regular treatment. I was offered 5 sessions of massage with Hivamat therapy at weekly intervals, which reduced the swelling and with it the pain. I am now able to walk normally. Many thanks.

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Treatment is offered at:


Rolle Podiatry & Health
Rolle Road
Budleigh Salterton
United Kingdom

For Appointments Please Call 0771 3200 907

30 High Street

For Appointments Please Call 0771 3200 907


Outside of these locations,  Susan also works as one of a team of therapists at the

FORCE Cancer Support Centre in Exeter and Hospiscare and regularly visits residential care and nursing homes in East Devon.

Treatments Offered

Aromatherapy Massage using pre-blended oils

Swedish Body Massage

Indian Head Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage


m technique

The ‘M’ technique® is a series of stroking movements performed in a set sequence at a set pressure and set pace. It is different from conventional massage and may be suitable when massage is inappropriate.  Each movement, identified with a mnemonic name, is repeated three times. The ‘M’ technique® was created by Dr Jane Buckle who was a critical care nurse. The ‘M’ technique® has been described as ‘physical hypnotherapy’ and is profoundly relaxing for both giver and receiver.

Massage Therapy with HIVAMAT® 200/ DEEP OSCILLATION® permeating a depth of 8cm through all tissue layers.



About Susan


Born in Africa, Susan returned to the UK in the mid 1990’s and settled in East Devon where both her family and her husbands’ family have roots. Susan began training in complementary therapy in the 1990’s ( ITEC) studying at college in the evenings while working full time. A move to live on a remote island off the west coast of Scotland for three years led Susan to long distance learning. Ever since then, continuous professional development has been part of her life and now part of her practice. Susan has completed various courses (NVQ Level 3) at colleges or schools in London, Exeter, Bath and Brighton.


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