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J A Mackay MB ChB (Retired GP) provides evaluation of his use of DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment via the Personal Sports

By Mary Fickling on Jul 24 2013.
"I must admit to a certain initial scepticism but I have been won over by the simplicity and the seeming effectiveness of DEEP OSCILLATION®...

Franziska Schmidt-Dengler, CSP Physiotherapist, MLD UK, CDT, Vodder MLD Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist gives her feedback on the 22nd International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology

By Mary Fickling on Jul 24 2013.
The conference was entitled “Football Medicine Strategies for Muscle & Tendon Injuries” on the 20th and 21st April, 2013 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London, UK

PhysioPod UK Ltd to exhibit and support at The Children's Lymphaletics 13th September 2014

By Mary Fickling on Jul 24 2013.
PhysioPod UK Limited are delighted to publish information received by Denise Hardy regarding the 2014 Children's Lymphaletics Day, 13th September 2014 at The Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield. Support is required, so please read on...

Gilliyan Carter-Morgan of Equi-Therapy UK provides feedback following six years of applying DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy for equine

By Mary Fickling on Jul 14 2013.
Gilliyan has been a principle user and promoter of DEEP OSCILLATION® Therapy with horses since 2007, when introduced to it by Julie Soroczyn of PhysioPod® UK Limited.

PhysioPod UK Limited are delighted to be invited to exhibit and workshop DEEP OSCILLATION® at the BIG MEET UP of Lipoedema Ladies on September 21st/22nd 2013 in Leeds

By Mary Fickling on Jul 09 2013.
PhysioPod UK Limited are excited to meet with the Lipoedema Ladies at their second BIG MEET UP yearly get-together at the striking, four star Park Plaza Leeds.

PhysioPod UK Limited are to exhibit internationally patented DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy at the MLD UK 2012 Conference on 12th and 13th of May

By Mary Fickling on Jul 02 2013.
PhysioPod UK Limited exhibited at the MLDUK Conference in 2010 and were extremely well received by the health care professionals in attendance, they had no hesitation in accepting this years invitation to take part in this prestigious two day event.

Buff Whiteley RGN, CDT therapist (Vodder) provides a review of The DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal unit and The Postpartum Therapy Card

By Mary Fickling on May 18 2013.
“My daughter gave birth to a 7lb 9oz baby after a long labour and normal delivery. I was excited to be able to use the DEEP OSCILLATION® personal unit and postpartum card.

PhysioPod® UK are delighted to receive this note of appreciation from Coventry City Football Club following their use of DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy.

By Mary Fickling on May 18 2013.
"The DEEP OSCILLATION® unit used by the club offers an easy to use adjunct to manual therapy methods employed by medical staff...

Study Finds Genetic Link to Lymphedema

By Mary Fickling on Apr 23 2013.
Breast cancer survivors who develop lymphedema after treatment for their cancer have a genetic predisposition to do so, according to a new study published in PLoS ONE. The study also found that the risks of developing lymphedema increased significantly for women who had more advanced breast cancer at the time of their diagnosis, a high body mass index, or increased number of lymph nodes removed.

Chronic back pain quickly treated by NRS Sports Therapy with DEEP OSCILLATION®

By Mary Fickling on Apr 16 2013.
"I have been off work for the past four months with a back injury, I went to my GP who examined me and put me on tablets and said it should settle down in 3-4 weeks. As I was still in pain I went back to my GP and he said that I needed some physiotherapy, I had 6 sessions, all to no avail. I was then sent for an MRI scan at the hospital. My doctor got the MRI results and then sent me to a Spinal Specialist, by this time I had to buy a pair of crutches as the pain was so intense I couldn't walk properly.