Physiotherapist Isabelle Pulver tells about DEEP OSCILLATION® being used for Congenital Myopathy:

"The patient complains regularly about back pain. Especially after activities such as e-hockey training, increased transfers electronic wheelchair to toilet, more housekeeping work. Her basic diagnosis, congenital myopathy, does not allow any deep muscle treatments, meaning that deep massages intensify her pain...

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isabelle pulver

Report from Clinician:  Physiotherapist Isabelle Pulver

... Soft, gentle strokes with the support of DEEP OSCILLATION® gave the result that she could work pain-free and was even able to train e-hockey in the evening.  Regular treatment seems to add up to a certain persistence. Since we have started to apply DEEP OSCILLATION® regularly, her quality of life has improved for sure.”

Isabelle Pulver explained further that, since most of her patients suffer from muscular distrophy and lethal amyotrophia, for some the effect of the DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy means that even if the muscular pain returns after some time, they are given a better quality of life, being given by many pain-free hours".

Mrs Pulver is Head of Therapies WH/BS at Foundation Rossfeld in Bern, Switzerland; a group home and training centre for people with physical disabilities, especially muscular distrophies.



The pain reducing effects  of DEEP OSCILLATION®.
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