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Lymphoedema Sufferer Uses A DEEP OSCILLATION® PERSONAL SPORT From The City General Hospital, Stoke-On -Trent

By Mary Fickling on Mar 04 2014.
After just seven days of treatment, the swelling in her leg caused by Lymphoedema, had visibly decreased. She was so pleased she decided to invest in her own unit. Angela is delighted to be in "complete control" and her leg feels great.

PhysioPod UK Limited are to exhibit internationally patented DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy at the MLD UK 2014 Conference on 10th and 11th of May

By Mary Fickling on Feb 27 2014.
PhysioPod UK Limited exhibited at both the MLD ukConferences in 2010 and 2012. They are delighted to be invited to exhibit and help celebrate the amazing work of MLDuk over the last twenty years 20 years. The 2014 Conference is open to Members, non-Members and patients.

Daily self management with the DEEP OSCILLATION PERSONAL SPORTS enables Amanda to keep her arm lymphoedema in check and continue with the leisure pursuits she enjoys..

By Mary Fickling on Jan 13 2014.
"I developed lymphoedema in my left arm a year after having bilateral mastectomies and all the lymph nodes removed from under my left arm. I play golf and two racquet sports and am left-handed so it seemed it inevitable that it would probably happen...

Heart bypass surgery led to the development of Secondary Lymphoedema in the leg for Pauline. This is her story of how she came to successfully self manage with DEEP OSCILLATION.

By Mary Fickling on Dec 10 2013.
"In the autumn of 2004 I had the shock of my life when I was informed following an angiogram that I needed heart bypass surgery. I had been a fitness instructor for almost 30 years and had only gone to see my GP with what I thought was a chest infection......

Osteoarthritis in both hands meant Neil was considering a change of career

By Mary Fickling on Nov 11 2013.
“When the two lovely young ladies from Nottingham came to demonstrate Deep Oscillation, I was somewhat sceptical that it could be as good as it was claimed, but it is now my most important piece of equipment....

Osteoarthritis in hand

By Mary Fickling on Nov 11 2013.
" I would just like to share my positive experience with DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment for an osteoarthritic hand...

Fundraising Update for Lymphaletics 2014 - a sports day for Children with Lymphoedema

By Mary Fickling on Oct 10 2013.
Gareth Dixon, Fitness Coach at David Lloyd Nottingham, Mary Fickling, Director at PhysioPod UK Limited and Marie Todd, Lymphoedema Nurse Specialist have completed their current challenges to raise funds towards the National Children's Lymphaletics Day, 13th September 2014 at The Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield.

PhysioPod® UK Limited donate a DEEP OSCILLATION® electrostatic massage to The British Lymphology Society Fundraising Campaign

By Mary Fickling on Sep 26 2013.
As members of The British Lymphology Society PhysioPod™ UK Ltd have donated a prize for the BLS Gala Dinner Fundraising Raffle.

Scot McAllister of Yorkshire County Cricket Club provide testimonial for DEEP OSCILLATION®

By Mary Fickling on Sep 07 2013.
Scot McAllister, Head Physiotherapist at Yorkshire County Cricket Club gives his feedback on DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy delivered through the HIVAMAT® 200.

A Marathon And A Half Marathon on Rollerblades to be completed to raise funds for The National Children's Lymphaletics Day On 13th September 2014

By Mary Fickling on Aug 15 2013.
Gareth Dixon, Personal Trainer at David Lloyd Nottingham and Mary Fickling, Director at PhysioPod UK Limited are hoping to raise funds towards the National Children's Lymphaletics Day, 13th September 2014 at The Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield. Support is required, so please read on...