Tom Arris Dip.W.C.F.

Tom Arris Dip.W.C.F. provided feedback to PhysioPod™ UK Ltd following treatments of DEEP OSCILLATION® to Buggy the horse....


Farrier's Comments:

"I have been shoeing Buggy for approximately 5 years now. Over this time Buggy has always had stiffness in her hind legs, causing discomfort while shoeing. I was able to minimize the discomfort by holding the legs in a position that allowed her to rest on me. However, over the last few shoeings Buggy has got progressively worst, until I could not hold her feet up for more than a few seconds at a time. It was decided that there was no way I could put shoes on again and we would leave the hind shoes off. It would have been unfair on Buggy, who was really struggling, and dangerous for me! The next time I visited Buggy I was pleased to see that her hind feet were in good condition, and amazed that she could pick her feet up! It was like turning the clock back 5 years! I understand that this improvement was achieved in just a few treatments, so I am looking forward to see how much better she will be with regular sessions. Tom Arris Dip.W.C.F.

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