Jake, a Heinz 57 Variety

Jake has found a new lease of life after regular DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment with Gilliyan Carter of Equi-Therapy UK..

Jake, a Heinz 57 variety & aged 14, had been a very active dog, but was now struggling to get in the car & up the stairs.  He had been diagnosed by his veterinary surgeon, Bill Bowler (Ruchcliffe Vet Centre) with Spondylosis (a degenerative condition of the spine) & he'd been on medication for many years.  Using DEEP OSCILLATION® combined with some remedial massage Gilliyan worked on Jake for approximately 45mins.  A couple of days later Gilliyan was contacted by Jakes owner who could not believe the difference in her dog - he'd managed to jump on the bed, which he hadn't done in years.  Gilliyan continues to treat Jake on a regular basis for maintenance & Jake has found a new lease of life"

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